this is an example of what the teacher want us to do

this is an example of what the teacher want us to do

Subject: Major Writing Assignment1


The purpose of this memo is to explain what I will be working on in my final project. I will describe my scenario, including the company and product that my technical writing company will be working with. I will explain why I chose this company and product and what I hope to gain from this experience. I will also explain, in detail, the tools and resources I will use and how I will document the sources I will use in MWA 3.


Section 1: My Scenario


My scenario consists of several parts, the first of which relate to the product I created.  The way I filled out the RFP, below, tells you the name of the product, the company that supposedly created it, and the intended market for the product:


Fun Fashion Incorporated requests proposals for a sales brochure and a product manual for the following new product: “Sole Creations,” the fun new footwear for kids.


The sales brochure, which will be distributed to stores that sell the product, must successfully advertise the product to its intended market, which is adolescent boys and girls.


The product manual must include a technical description of the product and directions for its use, along with all necessary safety labels and cautions.


Your proposal must include at least the following:  a plan of work, a task schedule, and the evaluation techniques you will use to ascertain that your brochure and manual are effective with their intended market, a statement of your qualifications and experience, and a budget. 


As a technical writer for N.K. Technical Inc. I will be writing three additional assignments along with this memo during this course. The assignments are a proposal that responds to the RFP above, a sales brochure and a product manual.  I created the following letterhead for my technical writing company, and I will use it in MWA 3:



One Source For All Your Technical Writing Needs

(586) 838-0000 * 27 Main Street ~ Suite 303 * Mt. Clemens, MI 48043


Section 2: Reasons for Choosing my Scenario:


While trying to come up with an interesting product I was brainstorming ideas with my family. I have two young children, ages 5 and 8, with very active imaginations. We had some very interesting ideas develop ranging from a biodegradable pet waste product (you shake on the offensive matter and it quickly disintegrates into a nutrient rich soil) to a solar powered bicycle that has an illuminating frame when the sun goes down. I settled on my 8-year-old son’s idea of sneakers that kids can color themselves. With the help of an adult they can be customized by color and style. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and like to pass that drive to my children. By choosing an idea from my kids, I thought they might get a kick out of the process we are undertaking in this course. The product I will be developing is going to be an enhancement to standard canvas style shoes that is readily available. The name of my technical writing company was derived from the initials of my two youngest children.   


Section 3: Research


The best form of primary research for the “Sole Creation” product would be to use basic demonstration and observation methods. Because the product is targeted toward adolescents, it would be best to witness their interaction with the product and observing their level of interest. As a secondary source of research, we will be searching online for any information we can find that would relate to the “Sole Creation” product. The product is a cross between a clothing item and an artistic type of toy. Because of that, we will be doing research on both types of products to find how they relate to “Sole Creation” and gather any useful information we can find that would help in the development of the advertising of this product.


The writing system I will be using to cite sources in my MWA 3 is the Modern Language Association (MLA) style. With this style, I will include a citation page titled “Works Cited” at the end of my MWA 3.  The citation page will list all the sources I have cited in my proposal.I have included below some examples of typical citations.


A journal article referenced within a document would be formatted on the Works Cited page as listed here:


Haws, Kelly L., and Karen P. Winterich. “When Value Trumps Health in a Supersized World.” Journal of Marketing 77.3: 48-64. Print.


The in-text citation of a quote from this article would look like this:  “…[The quote would appear here]..” (Haws and Winterich 48-49).


A web page referenced within a document would be formatted on the citation page as listed here:


Mathers, Kevin. “By the Numbers: Debuts, Legends, Bubbles and Champions.” Bluff. N.p., 17 June 2013. Web. 18 June 2013. .


The in-text citation of a summary from this web page would look like this:  An online article discusses winners in the field (Mathers).


A personal interview referenced within a document would be formatted on the citation page as listed here:


Orloski, Kevin. Personal interview. 17 June 2013.


The in-text citation of a paraphrase from this interview would look like this:  In an interview, Kevin Orloski stated that he wasn’t sure the Colts would win.


To insure that all citations are properly formatted I will be referencing the MLA handbook and the Owl at Purdue.


Section 4: Graphics


I will be documenting the progress throughout the development of the deliverables, as I progress through these assignments and prepare them for final submission. I have included these graphs in this memo for your review.


The first documentation tool I will be using is a “

To Do List

” checklist (see below), which lists 15 key items that I must include in MWA’s 3, 4, and 5.

  To Do List 

       MWA 3: letterhead




       Plan of work/task schedule


       Qualifications and experience




       Primary research


       Secondary research


       Citations in the text


       Works Cited, References, or Bibliography page


       Appendix describing evaluation techniques


       MWA 4: tri-panel, accordion, gate, or map


       Text and color graphics


       MWA 5: product description plus instructions for product use


       Text and graphics, as appropriate


I will also be managing the time to insure this project is completed on schedule with the use of a Gantt chart, which I have named “

Major Writing Assignments Schedule

” (See below). This graph lays out a timeline that  progresses throughout the duration of this endeavor. It lists a designated start and completion time for each major milestone of these projects.














                                                       Dates of Tasks

Task 1: Submit MWA 1

Task 2: Research products

Task 3: View demonstrations

Task 4: Conduct primary research

Task 5: Research technical writers’ fees

Task 6: Research evaluation techniques

Task 7: Develop product graphics

Task 8: Research different product brochures and manuals

Task 9: Develop brochure

Task 10: Develop manual




 Major Writing Assignments Schedule   

I look forward to proceeding on these assignments throughout this course and learning all I can in this brief time about technical writing.


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