Theoretical Perspectives on the Family

Theoretical Perspectives on the Ancestors •Way of examination absoluteness •Identify why ancestors patterns and practices are the way they are 1)Family Ecology •How ancestors is afflicted by the association about it •Family choices/lives afflicted by economy, education, adoration and alternative cultural institutions •Ex: Great Depression – economically, bodies can’t acquiesce accouchement alike if they capital added kids 2)Family Development •How ancestors changes over time •Family Life Cycle: Addition/subtraction of associates (death in a family, affective out) oVarious stages accouchement go through (children alpha school, go to aerial school, again college, again marriage) oChanges in ancestors access with alternative amusing institutions (retirement, or accepting fired) •Developmental Tasks charge be baffled in adjustment to alteration to the abutting •Role Sequencing – above transitions to adolescence •Normative Adjustment Hypothesis – work-marriage-parenthood arrangement is belong for brainy bloom and beatitude )Structure Functional Theory •Functions performed by the ancestors as a amusing academy 1)Raise adolescent responsibly 2)Economical abutment 3)Emotional abutment •Roles blooming by beliefs, values, attitudes, norms – serve as capital amusing functions that enables association to survive 4) Interactionist Perspective •Interactions aural ancestors associates •Do they acquaint effectively? •If they don’t = doesn’t acquiesce for different qualities to advance •MAJOR CONCEPTS: oSelf-concept – animosity bodies accept about themselves Concepts of character – faculty of character , “the cocky is developed initially in a ancestors setting” oRole demography – accepted behavior for anniversary ancestors affiliate (associated with a amusing position) - Accouchement apprentice adapted behavior roles that they may comedy in adolescence through watching their parents, ancestors accept that role – INTERNALIZED AND INCORPORATED TO SELF 5) Barter Theory •Exchange of assets that affect formation, continuation, attributes of a accord •Rewards vs. Cost – shapes ability and access in the ancestors and charge to the accord •Should barter assets alfresco the group. If not, develops materialism (dependence) instead of ability •Relationships based on exchanges that are according or candid (fair, if not equal) advance •Whereas, those in w/c the barter antithesis feels consistently one sided are added acceptable to be black •Principle of Least Interest – accomplice w/ beneath charge to the accord is the one who has added ability including the ability to accomplishment the alternative •Person who advance ascendancy – bodies who are accommodating to break-up/refuse to be the aboriginal to accomplish up ) Ancestors Systems •Use ancestors as a accomplished added than the sum of its genitalia (members) •“Everybody knows what they charge to do to accomplish this work” – weakness: no allowance for change •A ancestors functions consistently in a assertive way; affecting announcement and behavior of ancestors tend to abide 7) Battle and Feminist Perspective •Central Issue – feminist – gender issues specific to women •Because woman brings absorption w/ woman duties -> it conflicts -> “Doesn’t beggarly because I’m a woman, I should be the one cooking. •Woman dispels attitude – battle happens w/in the ancestors •And/or woman is not accepting to do acceptable duties and causes battle (Traditional homemaker wife now is activity to work) 8) Biosocial Perspective (Charles Darwin) •Depending how you’re aloft is how you survive •Individual Gene - determines if ancestors is acknowledged •“You’re aloof like your father. ”

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