The Writer’s Way

Flip to “A Collection of Good Writing” in the aback of The Writer’s Way and locate the afterward advisory essays: “How to Be Younger” by Laura Kate James (p. 352) “Scratch that Itch” by Bennett Lindsey (p. 355) “The Sprout Route” by Winston Bell (p. 356) “Why Falling in Love Feels so Good” by Judy Krause (p. 358) Do not apprehend the absolute article aloof yet. Apprehend alone the appellation and aboriginal branch of each. In your antecedent post, acknowledgment the afterward questions: If you had to apprehend aloof one of these essays all the way through, which one would you pick? Why? Did the accountable already absorption you or was there article the biographer did in the appellation and aboriginal branch which pulled you in? What does this acquaint you about the accent of titles and introductions? Can you analyze accurate strategies to use in your own writing? Now go aback and apprehend alone the aftermost branch of whichever article you selected. Acknowledgment the afterward questions (do this in the aforementioned antecedent column or add a added post; both of these will calculation as your “initial post” for this discussion): Did the cessation accomplish some array of “promise” set up in the introduction? Explain. Does the cessation leave you with a final anticipation or impression? If the article teaches you how to do something, do you feel accountable to do it? Why or why not? What does this acquaint you about the accent of conclusions? Can you analyze strategies to use in your own writing? Now feel chargeless to apprehend the absolute article and add any added comments you may have. In your responses: Compare your allegation on the aforementioned article to those of the affair starter’s. If you didn’t apprehend the addition and cessation of the aforementioned essay, go aback and apprehend them afore you comment.

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