The question is in the start of the description below. (research in Professional Studies Class)

Create a sentence outline for a Research Proposal on a topic of personal interest.  Your outline must be completed in a word document, Times New Roman 12 pt. font, and double spaced.  Sentences must be complete.  Your first bullet must be the Introduction that includes a research question.   You must include a bibliographic page after the sentence outline that lists all sources consulted for your topic.  Next to each source indicate whether it is primary, secondary or tertiary.


Below is an example of a partial sentence outline:

I. Introduction:  What roles does communication play in managing an organizational crisis caused by fraudulent activity?

    A.  Purpose of Study:  The purpose of this study is to explore how organizational communication relates to managing a financial crisis caused by fraud?

    B.  Significance of the Study:  This study is important because fraud in organizations have ripple effects that can affect national as well as global economies.

II.  Communication and Crisis Management:  Strategies of communication have long been a topic of research in crisis management.

    A.  Natural Disasters v. Man Made Disasters:  Natural disasters differ from man made disasters in that the locus of control for the event moves from mother nature to individuals.

    B.  Trust and Crises:  Trust and repairing trust play a central role in managing crises that result from fraudulent and unethical behavior.

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