the nursing shortage

  Topic 1 DQ 1 Since the coronavirus started overextension throughout the United States, there has been a absolute appulse on bloom affliction employment. Several bloom affliction accessories accept been afflicted by COVID-19 cases which has appulse staffing; A array of issues has impacted the accommodation by some nurses to abdicate their jobs. These accommodate apropos apropos the capability of food to advance assurance and anticipate affliction during the coronavirus, accent from workload on units heavily afflicted by the cardinal of COVID patients, affecting ache and abrogating brainy bloom outcomes, and a charge to break home and affliction for ‘out-of-school’ accouchement (Bowden, 2021). one way that the nursing profession is currently alive against a resolution of this botheration of nursing shortages is by alms bonuses to nurses who assurance up to assignment there, altered accessories has been application this apparatus to accomplish nurses administer to work, and in the ability breadth I work, administration has added nurses pay in adjustment to actuate nurses. Also. Identification of allowances that would accumulate nurses in the profession and in a accurate assignment ambience can be a abundant resolution (Nevidjon & Erickson, 2001). Using 200-300 words APA architecture with at atomic two references to abutment this discussion.  Discuss the contest that accept contributed (or will abide to contribute) to the nursing shortage, or that accord to a curtailment in a arena or specialty. Discuss at atomic one way that the nursing profession is currently alive against a resolution of this problem. In replies to peers, action altered examples of how the nursing curtailment has been addressed in your state, community, or specialty area. 

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