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For my fieldwork observation, I accept alleged Long Beach Polytechnic Aerial School. I am a first-time bogeyman to LBPHS, but I alive three blocks from the school, so I see it every twenty-four hours on my address to academy and work. I accept been accustomed with the academy back my first-year twelvemonth of aerial school, back my academy competed adjoin LBPHS for endless able-bodied events. Long Beach Polytechnic Aerial Academy was accustomed in 1895 as Long Beach Aerial School. Currently, it is amid at 1600 Atlantic Avenue in Long Beach, California. The academy serves altered vicinities of Long Beach, including Bixby Knolls, every bit acceptable as subdivisions of two adjoining metropoliss, Lakewood and Signal Hill. Admitting the academy serves assorted flush vicinities in the Long Beach country, it is amid in one of the best alarming vicinities in all of Los Angeles. Downtown Long Beach has a blemish for amiss activity, decidedly in the East Village, abreast Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue. The places environing the academy are old and run down, and cheapjack autos band the artery 's borders as one abject on ballss by. The aerial fencings, acid wire, and penitentiary-type activity that I got aloft my antecedent appointment were non reassuring, but the statistics absolutely were. Alike admitting LBPH is amid in such a bad allocation of the city of Long Beach, it is awful safe. Polices say that the academy poses no bigger menaces than that of any aerial academy in an flush vicinity. Long Beach Polytechnic Aerial Academy belongs to Long Beach Unified Academy District. LBUSD anon includes over 81,000 pupils from 84 accessible schools in the metropoliss of Long Beach, Lakewood, Signal Hill, and Avalon on Catalina Island. To bigger accept the address that the area maps logistically, the bacon calendar has been included in the appendix. LBUSD has alike been rated one of the top 20 academy systems in the cosmos and one of the top three in the United States. The academy area has acquired boundless acceptance for set uping absolutely aerial criterions for its pupils, both academically and socially. LBUSD has alike been featured in assorted media channels, such as Acceptable Morning America and Sports Illustrated, for astronomic bookish and able-bodied success. Schools in the area continuously beat arena criterions, and appearance affecting growing in abiding bookish accomplishment. The area credits its successes to its partnerships with bounded concerns, Long Beach City College, and California Accompaniment University Long Beach. The LBUSD, CSULB and LBCC accept formed with local, bounded and civic spouses to accomplish a bland way for pupils that helps them advance from preschool to post-graduate school. The affiliation has been decidedly acceptable for pupils because it combines bookish and civic criterions with a deeply-rooted abutment arrangement to accomplish critical, all-around persons. LBPHS anon enrolls 4,835 pupils. The adherent amoebic anatomy is 50 % macho and 50 % female, and the ethnicities are 31.1 % Asiatic, 29.9 % Latino, 26.5 % Black, 11.4 % White, and 1.2 % Other. Long Beach Polytechnic Aerial Academy has an Bookish Performance Index ( API ) of 750, and it has added for anniversary of the aftermost bristles old ages. In 2012, 28.5 % of pupils denticulate accomplished or aloft on the California Standards Test for math, falling rather abruptly of the arena barometer ( 51.4 % ) ; nevertheless, this birthmark is countered in English: 52.1 % of pupils denticulate accomplished or aloft in English. Harmonizing to an account with the academy principals, LBPHS has a graduation amount acute 90 % ! The chargeless and reduced-price tiffin plan on campus serves 63.7 % of the pupils. Enormously, the accessory amount at the academy is over 95 % ; that agency that, on any accustomed twenty-four hours, 4593 pupils are on campus. With such alterity and capacity, it is hasty that the academy can accumulate such aerial rates. LBPHS offers abounding amazing bookish affairs for pupils, including 11 accretion academies through which pupils learn. One of the emphasis academies of the academy is alleged the Program of Additional Curricular Experiences, besides accepted as PACE. Pace is a high-velocity, advancing advance to academics that alone accepts the best assignment from the brightest of pupils ; it pushes them to their fullest potency, and this has fatigued accessory from abounding pupils who admiration such an experience. Some alternative academies at LBPHS accommodate the Beach Academy of Algebraic and Science, the Pacific Rim Magnet Academy, the Center for International Commerce, the Academy of Humanities, the Media, Entertainment, Technology and Sports Academy, and the Medical and Accessible Services Academy. This arrangement of larning communities has been acutely accomplishing because anniversary academy specializes in a assertive blazon of adherent ; the categories, instructors, and all-embracing acquaintance are shaped to the adherent 's ends, instead than the adherent actuality apprenticed by their environment. The agents comedy an altogether important action in developing these affecting accretion communities. Long Beach Polytechnic Aerial Academy has highly-qualified and accomplished module. LBPHS anon employs 179 advisers who, together, accept a boilerplate acquaintance of over 14 old ages. With 4835 pupils, the arrangement of agents to pupils is 27:1, a analytic alive arrangement sing the sum of account cuts, layoffs, and alone categories. Presently, over 98.6 % of categories accomplished at LBPHS are No Child Left Behind compliant. The accumulated acquaintance and student-teacher arrangement aid to do Long Beach Polytechnic Aerial Academy one of the best schools in the state. The agents and accommodation makers assignment calm to anatomy the assorted academies on campus. Back there are academies committed to accurate accomplishment sets and chic types, there is no acceptable English area ; nevertheless, there is are endless academies area English has an accent. The academies are headed by a instructor, and the alternative associates accommodated to anatomy and address a advance of abstraction specific to anniversary academy, instead than captivation anniversary area accommodated to address their ain advance of study. The caput of anniversary academy, every bit acceptable as the agents list, can be apparent in the appendix. Long Beach Unified Academy District has endless account lists recommended by the Accompaniment of California. The area allows instructors, pupils, and parents to booty books that are accordant to the account amount and brand amount of the pupils. There are a sum of 13 lists, anniversary with 100s of books -far badly abounding to name here, or in an addendum ( The account account is 99 pages! ) . The account lists advance in trouble, with Account 1 captivation the easiest books and Account 13 captivation the hardest books. These lists accommodate books with a agnate chic ambit to abetment aces books that are absorbing and accordant to pupils in any accustomed class. Account 1 is included in the appendix. Any adviser could accompaniment you that assurance and extracurricular activities comedy a important function, whether it be from parents acceptable their pupils aces able books from the area account account or from pupils gluttonous an bartering enactment from the advance of study, leting them to appear in a absolute civic ambiance that can abetment fix them for a life-time of analytical anticipation and accessible service. Long Beach Polytechnic Aerial Academy is no exclusion to this impression. Harmonizing to the academy web site, `` [ T ] he abounding Poly acquaintance includes assurance in the academy 's assorted nines and activities. '' The academy has over 100 on-campus nines, including account nines and civic groups. LBPHS hosts endless bookish and breezy dances, lunchtime accumulation meetings, carnivals, affiliation clean-ups, affiliation accessible abetment and beautification undertakings, academy beautification undertakings, and simple academy apprenticeship Sessionss. Students are able to booty allotment in the Student Commission, a group, adopted into appointment by their equals, that manages the ASB account and makes budgetary determinations for the butt of the adherent amoebic structure. The associates of the Student Commission, every bit acceptable as ASB, organize, manage, and booty allotment in best of the contest advanced listed. Along with these endless nines so endless that there is apprenticed to be article for everyone, adherent and bore likewise, are some of the accompaniment 's best able-bodied plans. Long Beach Polytechnic Aerial Academy has a star-studded able-bodied history and affairs for both macho childs and misss. Recently, Poly accustomed the Rotary Centennial Trophy for the 16th blow consecutively for active the best acknowledged able-bodied plan in the city of Long Beach. The academy has besides been voted `` Able-bodied Academy of the Century '' by the California Coaches Association. In the aftermost bristles old ages, Sports Illustrated Magazine has rated Long Beach Polytechnic Aerial Academy as one of the top able-bodied schools in the abounding state. The athleticss anon accessible to pupils of LBPHS are badminton, hoops, axle state, football, affiliation football, golf, swimming, tennis, aisle and field, volleyball, H2O Polo, wrestle, baseball, and amphitheater ball. The academy has beatific added football participants to the Civic Football League than any alternative academy in the abounding state. Poly is non home to any `` close athletes '' ; the academy has some of the best ambitious bookish outlooks for their jocks ; student-athletes from Long Beach Polytechnic Aerial Academy are acutely approved after. The academy has abundant to action pupils, from a ample arrangement of nines and activities to a acclaimed sports plan that caters to some of the best jocks in the United States. The abundance of advice that I accept acquired while backpack oning this abstraction of Long Beach Polytechnic Aerial Academy has fabricated me improbably aflame to get bottomward alive with them. I accept non amorphous any observation, yet I am afflicted with the pride of activity a allocation of such a amazing acknowledged topographic point of larning. I accept anytime been a boxy analyzer back it comes to bookish establishments ; I accept struggled to appear the acceptable in schools back the bad radiances through some vividly. Long Beach Poly has reignited my flicker. Afterwards seeing the amazing assignment that the pupils and bore are making, I accept acceptance that we can do approaching coevalss added critical, socially-aware, and brilliant. They may non authority the best installations ( they 're amid in a bankrupt `` aggressor '' ) , but anybody makes do with what they have, and they accumulate their eyes set non on the environment, but on their wildest dreams. The astonishing success of the sports plan was article that I was acquainted of beforehand, but I was blind of its consequence until I performed this survey. I was absolutely absolute off back I apprehend that LBPHS has been ranked as one of the top able-bodied schools in the state. Besides, back I apprehend that, admitting the big amount of pupils on the chargeless or reduced-price tiffin plan, the abasement amount of the environing vicinity, and the alterity and admeasurement of the adherent amoebic structure, the academy is every bit safe as any alternative burghal academy of its assortment. The amount of accessory besides fabricated my jaw bead. I went to aerial academy in Temecula, California. My academy was upper-middle category, predominately white, and we ne'er got anyplace abreast 95 % attending. All of this analysis makes Long Beach Polytechnic Aerial Academy flash alike brighter in an already sparkling academy territory. The absolute absolute allegation about LBPHS has badly confused my position. Originally, I advised to backpack on my fieldwork at that abode alone because of my approximation to the campus ; nevertheless, now, I intend to ascertain at that abode because I am abounding with academy spirit, and I am non alike a Jackrabbit! The academy looks altogether fantastic, and I am no best abashed of such a alarming establishment.

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