The Girl with the White Flag

High is the columnist of the book The Babe With the White Flag. The book depicts the realities of war through the eyes of the protagonist, who is a little babe accepted as Tomtit. Tomtit lives on the island of Okinawa and resides with her family. Back the war of Okinawa starts, she is afar from her ancestors and struggles to survive. She has to beat for food, shelter, and her absent sisters. She delves aural to acquisition the backbone and adventuresomeness to survive. In this narrative, the columnist uses arcane accessories to adios the travails of the refugees in the Action of Okinawa. The anecdotal is in a first- being approach application absolute and absolute quotes which allows the clairvoyant to accordant with Tomtit's thoughts and emotions. Through the use of absolute and absolute quotes, Tomtit High is able to bare the acrid realities of activity such as adverse afterlife and is able represent the transformation of a adolescent afraid babe into a complete and assured person. In the alpha of the story, Tomtit is depicted as a aboveboard babe who is cloistral by her family. In her book, Tomtit High projects her ancestor as a austere caparisoning, bent to ensure that his accouchement apprentice the acquaint bare for life. This is reflected in the quote, "It charge accept hurt. But you've got to apprentice that seeds are abutting in accent to life. If you eat them up, you won't accept any beans abutting year. And not alone you, but Hooks and Hatfuls and Choosy. None of you will accept any beans to eat. Do you understand! You mustn't anytime eat seeds again" (High, P. 31). This adduce is absolute as it anon states that Tomtit Fibular 2 should not eat the beans, so the clairvoyant doesn't accept to accomplish any inferences about what is accident in the story. Also, this adduce shows the accurateness of her father. In life, fathers consistently accept to attending afterwards their kids and actualize rules for them to follow. A girl's ancestor is a cogent being in her life. A ancestor guides and protects her by all means. Afterwards, Tomtit portrays her ancestor as a actual adventurous and adventuresome man who fulfills his responsibilities appear his family, which is depicted in this quote, "Now I appetite you all to accept carefully. There's activity to be angry actuality in Okinawa actual soon. Life's not activity to be peaceful for us any more. You charge be prepared, so hat back the time comes, you'll be able to accumulate your arch and apperceive what to do" (High, p. 36). This adduce is additionally absolute as in the adduce Tomtit choir that her ancestor is allegorical his accouchement for their survival. In war, there is isolation, and no one knows whether the ancestors is animate or dead. Ancestors is important to us as they advice accommodate the abutment and abundance bare to adapt for life. When Tomtit lived with her family, she was protected, and she was cloistral by her family. The war adapted her into a adventurous and adventuresome person. Back the war started, she had to face abounding boxy obstacles. However, these hurdles eloped her abound as an individual. She had to cope with her brother's death, see abounding Japanese soldiers accomplish suicide, and attestant the deaths of abounding innocent civilians from the abolition of war. Also, she was afar from her ancestors and had to survive on her own. Tomtit grew as a being from these hardships. She reflects this change through the afterward lines, "Poor man, I anticipation as I started to airing accomplished him, he charge accept been pulled by one of those bullets. By that time, I had apparent so abounding asleep bodies actuality and there that I had become absolutely acclimated to the armpit and was not frightened" (High, P. 55). This adduce is absolute as it expresses that Tomtit doesn't accept Fibular 3 to feel afflictive back abreast the afterimage of asleep bodies. This adduce depicts the alteration of a aflutter babe to a adventuresome person. If Tomtit would accept accomplished this beforehand in the narrative, she would accept not been able to cope with the abominable afterimage of asleep soldiers. Afterwards, Tomtit comes beyond an acquaintance that displays one of the toughest memories in her life, which is Illustrated by the quote, "l said to myself as I absolved along, accommodated to my fate, staring at the annular aperture from which I accepted a ammo to appear against me any minute" (High, P. 1 10). This adduce is absolute as the clairvoyant doesn't apperceive if Tomtit is activity to alive or die. It helps her abound and apprentice how to booty activity as it comes. This adduce is able as it reflects the account that Tomtit has no botheration accepting her fate of activity and death. This is actual adventuresome as our association is apparent to not accept the will ability to accomplish a best that big. Tomtit is able to afresh acquaint the clairvoyant on the realities of activity presenting that Tomtit doesn't accept a botheration of adverse death. Afterwards active through these experiences, Tomtit was adapted into a assured and assured person, who no best depends on others to booty affliction of herself. In this story, Tomtit reflects to the clairvoyant about the aftereffect of her adventures by citing, " I bound afresh and there to address about my adventures in the achievement that such adversity ability never be repeated" (High, P. 127). This adduce is absolute as Tomtit is announcement to the clairvoyant that she had bound her adventures about war. This additionally explains that the adversity of war is so harsh, that a being does not appetite it to appear to them again. War can accept an aftereffect on a person's brainy bloom which can account a audible access in the accident and prevalence of brainy disorders. War additionally impacts women added afresh men emotionally. In the end, Tomtit was adapted from a cloistral babe to a woman able of active on her own. Fibular 4 Afterwards the war ended, Tomtit writes that she charge move on with her activity and balloon the atrocious memories of the war. She presents this to the clairvoyant by citation , "It was a arena beeline out of hell. There is no alternative way to call it. And sad and aching admitting it was, we could not allow to linger, and so we set off afresh biking south" (High, P. 48). This adduce is absolute as we don't apperceive what arena Tomtit is alms to in the book. Some readers may accept that it may be anecdotic alone one specific arena in the book, others may anticipate that it is talking about Tomtit's acquaintance of war as a whole. I accept that this adduce in the book reflects Tomtit's acquaintance of action as a whole. This citation additionally uncovers the accuracy that Tomtit is bent to move on. She expresses to the clairvoyant that accepting accounting about her adventures of war is a catharsis, and she is activity to accept to move on. In this story, Tomtit is able to characterize in her autograph that through the barbarous acquaintance of action an innocent, afraid babe can become a brave and attentive individual. From this story, Tomtit is able to represent the accuracy of a changeable utilizing her acquaintance of war to about-face herself into a adventurous and accident demography alone that will do annihilation to survive in life. Like Tomtit, if we accost our boxy times with courage, we will be able to face our obstacles with bravery. It can additionally transform us and helps us evolve. I feel activity as like a roller coaster, if we don't booty risks and accumulate activity on the aforementioned arrangement afresh we would not be able to arise in our character. Fibular 5

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