The Executives at CBC Part 1 to 4

The executives at CBC want to see how they are doing in ratings against the other networks and how 
the ratings will continue to change in the upcoming months. They also want to know if hiring stars 
makes a difference and the impact of fact based programming compared to hiring stars. You will 
create a PowerPoint presentation to answer the questions below. Remember that your audience is 
the management of CBC: Make sure your presentation is professional and provides sufficient 


1. Descriptive statistics: What is the average rating for all CBC movies? How about ABN movies and BBS movies? 
Include a table that shows the average and the other descriptive statistics for the ratings of the 
three networks (one column for each network). Comment on which network is doing best and 
what you learn from the other key metrics in the table. 


2. Charting: Create a line graph of the monthly average ratings for CBC for the year. Note that there are 
multiple ratings data for the months; you will need to calculate an average for each month and 
then plot the averages. After you create the graph, fit a linear trend line, displaying the formula 
and the r-squared. Explain to the executives if you can use this time series data to forecast the 
ratings of upcoming months. How accurate can you expect this forecast to be? 


3. Hypothesis testing : Should the CBC hire stars for their movies? To answer this question, run a hypothesis test to 
see if there is a significant difference between the ratings of movies with stars vs. movies 
without stars. Use the data for CBC movies only. Use 95% confidence. Explain your answer- 
do not simply say yes or no without referring to the relevant figures. Unit 6 [GB513: Business Analytics]


4. Regression: CBC Management has several questions: Which has more impact on a movie’s rating: that it is 
fact based or that it has one star? How much does each of these factors change the ratings? 
Do you expect a fact based movie that does not have any stars to get better ratings than a 
fiction movie with one star? Run a multiple regression where the dependent variable is ratings 
and the independent variables are star and fact. Use data from all networks, not just CBC 
movies. How well does this regression analysis explain the ratings?

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