The collection of crime data

  help 1.  Is there annihilation about the percentages of Known Victims and Arrestees that afraid you? If so, what? Is this the account of abuse and blackmailer cachet that you frequently see in the media? Give some examples of what you do see. 2.  As you can see in the Victim-to-Offender relationships section, alone 25% of the victims were strangers to the suspects. If 75% of the victims and suspects apperceive anniversary other, what does that acquaint us about what we should be accomplishing with our abomination blockage efforts? Second, go to the FBI’s online Abomination Abstracts Explorer. You will see a map on Abomination Abstracts Explorer page. Select any accompaniment on the map and browse the folio that you acreage on. Go through the drop-down boxes and see what advice is accessible to you. Based on what you see on this page, accommodate additionally in this week’s appointment your answers to the afterward questions; 3.  Does the Abomination Abstracts Explorer accommodate abomination advice that is of absorption to you? If so, why? If not, what do you anticipate should be included? 4.  At the top of the Abomination Abstracts Explorer page, you will see a account about how abounding law administration agencies appear advice to the FBI. There may be some agencies that did not address to the FBI. What would be a acumen why an bureau would not report? 5.  Discuss two things that you begin to be absorbing or advisory about the abomination data, or victim/offender abstracts in the assorted graphs and drop-down airheaded on the Abomination Abstracts Explorer site. Explain if this abstracts helps you see the all-embracing abomination account in this breadth and what it tells you about abomination abridgement efforts should be like in the future. View your appointment rubric.

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