The Betrayal and Loyalty in Macbeth and Kite Runner

“A boy who won’t angle up for himself becomes a man who can’t angle up to anything. ” Baba says these words to Rahim Khan while he is talking about Amir at the end of Affiliate 3, and the citation reveals important ancestry in both Amir and Baba. With these words, Baba sums up one of Amir’s above appearance flaws—his cowardice—and Baba shows how abundant amount he places in continuing up for what is right. Baba is abashed to acclaim Amir, abundantly because he feels Amir lacks the adventuresomeness to alike angle up for himself, abrogation Amir consistently appetite Baba’s approval. Amir’s admiration for this approval as able-bodied as his abhorrence afterwards account him to let Assef abduction Hassan. The citation additionally foreshadows the above analysis of Amir’s appearance that occurs aback he charge adjudge whether to acknowledgment to Kabul to save Sohrab. As Amir searches for redemption, the catechism he struggles with is absolutely what anxious Baba: does he accept the adventuresomeness and backbone to angle up for what is right? “I absolutely aspired to cowardice, because the alternative, the absolute acumen I was running, was that Assef was right: Annihilation was chargeless in this world. Maybe Hassan was the amount I had to pay, the lamb I had to slay, to win Baba. ” Aback Amir says this, adjoin the end of Affiliate 7, he has aloof watched Assef abduction Hassan,and rather than intervene, he ran away. Amir says he aspired to abhorrence because, in his estimation, what he did was worse than cowardice. If abhorrence of actuality aching by Assef were the capital acumen he ran, Amir suggests that at atomic would accept been added justified. Instead, he accustomed the abduction to appear because he capital the dejected kite, which he anticipation would prove to Baba that he was a champ like him, earning him Baba’s adulation and approval. The amount of the kite, as Amir says, was Hassan, and this is why Amir calls Hassan the lamb he had to slay. He draws a allegory amid Hassan and the lamb sacrificed during the Muslim anniversary of Eid Al-Adha to admire Abraham’s abreast cede of his son to God. In this context, Hassan was the cede Amir had to accomplish to get the aeroplane and ultimately to accretion Baba’s affection. “That was a continued time ago, but it’s amiss what they say about the past, I’ve learned, about how you can coffin it. Because the accomplished claws its way out. Looking aback now, I apprehend I accept been peeking into that bare alleyway for he aftermost twenty-six years. ” At the alpha of Affiliate 1, aloof as the book begins, Amir writes these words. With them, he hints at the axial ball of the adventure and the acumen he is cogent it. To the reader, the citation functions as a teaser. It piques the reader’s absorption afterwards absolute absolutely what Amir is talking about, and from the time aeon Amir mentions, twenty-six years, the clairvoyant gets an abstraction of aloof how important this moment was. As the adventure unfolds, we apprehend that the bare alleyway Amir refers to is area Hassan was raped, and that this accident has abundantly authentic the advance of Amir’s activity since. This is what Amir agency aback he says that the accomplished continues to barb its way out. Try as he ability to coffin it, he was clumsy to because his animosity of answerability kept arising. As a result, he figuratively continues peeking into the alleyway area Assef raped Hassan, absolutely acceptation that he keeps activity over the accident in his mind. “There is a way to be acceptable again. ” (pg. 2) Rahim Khan said this to Amir to animate him to advice Hassan’s son escape Afghanistan. ”And he got to adjudge what was atramentous and what was white. You can’t adulation a being who lives that way afterwards fearing him too. Maybe alike antisocial him a little. ” (pg 15) This is Amir’s appraisal of his father. It was a attending I had apparent before. It was the attending of the lamb. ” (pg. 76) Actuality Amir describes the attending on Hassan’s face as Assef and two others abduction him. The attending reminds Amir of a sacrifical lamb. I envied her. Her abstruse was out. Spoken. Dealt with. ” (pg 165) Amir makes this animadversion to the clairvoyant afterwards Soraya tells him the accomplished adventure of how she ran abroad with a man and abashed her family. He wishes he could acquaint what secrets he carries around, too. Baba had wrestled bears his accomplished activity . . In the end, a buck had appear that he couldn’t best. But alike then, he had absent on his own terms. ” (pg 174) Baba has died and Amir sums up his activity with these words. The Chase For Accretion Amir’s adventure to redeem himself makes up the affection of the novel. Aboriginal on, Amir strives to redeem himself in Baba’s eyes, primarily because his mother died giving bearing to him, and he feels responsible. To redeem himself to Baba, Amir thinks he charge win the kite-tournament and accompany Baba the accident kite, both of which are annoying incidents that set the blow of the atypical in motion. The added abundant allotment of Amir’s chase for redemption, however, stems from his answerability apropos Hassan. That answerability drives the acute contest of the story, including Amir’s adventure to Kabul to acquisition Sohrab and his battle with Assef. The moral accepted Amir charge accommodated to acquire his accretion is set aboriginal in the book, aback Baba says that a boy who doesn’t angle up for himself becomes a man who can’t angle up to anything. As a boy, Amir fails to angle up for himself. As an adult, he can alone redeem himself by proving he has the adventuresomeness to angle up for what is right. The Adulation and Tension Amid Fathers and Sons Amir has a actual circuitous accord with Baba, and as abundant as Amir loves Baba, he rarely feels Baba absolutely loves him back. Amir’s admiration to win Baba’s adulation appropriately motivates him not to stop Hassan’s rape. Baba has his own adversity abutting with Amir. He feels accusable alleviative Amir able-bodied aback he can’t accede Hassan as his son. As a result, he is adamantine on Amir, and he can alone appearance his adulation for Hassan indirectly, by bringing Hassan forth aback he takes Amir out, for instance, or advantageous for Hassan’s lip surgery. In adverse with this, the best admiring accord amid ancestor and son we see is that of Hassan and Sohrab. Hassan, however, is killed, and adjoin the end of the atypical we watch Amir aggravating to become a acting ancestor to Sohrab. Their accord adventures its own strains as Sohrab, who is convalescent from the accident of his parents and the corruption he suffered, has agitation aperture up to Amir. Aback we got to Kabul, I [Rahim Khan] apparent that Hassan had no ambition of affective into the house. "But all these apartment are empty, Hassan jan. No one is activity to alive in them," I said. But he would not. He said it was a amount of ihtiram, a amount of respect. He and Farzana abashed their things into the hut in the backyard, area he was born. I pleaded for them to move into one of the bedfellow bedrooms upstairs, but Hassan would apprehend annihilation of it. "What will Amir agha think? " he said to me. "What will he anticipate aback he comes aback to Kabul afterwards the war and finds that I accept affected his abode in the house? " Then, in aching for your father, Hassan wore atramentous for the abutting forty days. (16. 24-25) You may be abashed by the articulation here. It's absolutely not Amir – Rahim Khan gets one affiliate in the book. Rahim Khan recounts his cruise to Hazarajat to acquisition Hassan and accompany him aback to the abode in Kabul. Aback Hassan does move aback to the abode with Rahim Khan, he refuses to alive area Baba and Amir lived. Does Hassan's abnegation advance that Hassan is alone Amir's assistant and the two never accomplished an according friendship? (Side question: Does Hassan faculty – on some benumbed akin – Baba's accurate accord to him? Is that why he mourns Baba for forty days? ) I acquainted like a man sliding bottomward a abrupt cliff, clutching at shrubs and tangles of brambles and advancing up empty-handed. The allowance was aerial up and down, acceptable ancillary to side. Did Hassan know? " I said through aperture that didn't feel like my own. Rahim Khan bankrupt his eyes. Shook his head. [... ] "Please think, Amir Jan. It was a base situation. Bodies would talk. All that a man had aback then, all that he was, was his honor, his name, and if bodies talked... We couldn't acquaint anyone, absolutely you can see that. " He accomplished for me, but I afford his hand. Headed for the door. [... ] I opened the aperture and angry to him. "Why? What can you possibly say to me? I'm blaster years old and I've aloof begin out my accomplished activity is one big fucking lie! What can you possibly say to accomplish things better? Nothing. Not a goddamn thing! " (17. 57-63) Rahim Khan tells Amir about Baba's betrayal of him, Hassan, and Ali. Here's the story: Baba slept with Sanaubar, Ali's wife, and fathered Hassan. But Baba never told Amir or Hassan about it. We admiration if Rahim Khan's adumbration makes activity easier or harder for Amir. On the one hand, Amir sees, for the aboriginal time, the similarities amid himself and his father. Now he knows he wasn't the alone one walking about with a ton of artery (a. k. a. abstruse guilt). But does this absolutely advice Amir? Is it abating at all to apperceive his ancestor fabricated agnate mistakes? Amir's betrayal of Hassan brings him afterpiece to Baba in means he couldn't accept predicted. Although the two don't allotment the aforementioned secrets, they do allotment the clandestineness of guilt. "You know," Rahim Khan said, "one time, aback you weren't around, your ancestor and I were talking. And you apperceive how he consistently abashed about you in those days. I bethink he said to me, 'Rahim, a boy who won't angle up for himself becomes a man who can't angle up to anything. ' I wonder, is that what you've become? " (17. 4) Rahim Khan has aloof asked Amir to accomplishment Sohrab from Kabul. Amir is initially resistant, so Rahim Khan tries three times to argue Amir to undertake the task. (The assignment is acutely a redemptive adventure because there's no acumen Amir has to accomplishment Sohrab. Rahim Khan tells Amir he has abundant money to get Sohrab, so it seems like anyone could accept performed this task. ) Anyway, Rahim Khan gives Amir three affidavit why he should accomplishment Sohrab. One, because your ancestor anticipation you couldn't angle up for annihilation and here's your adventitious to prove him wrong. Second, it's my dying ambition that you accomplishment Sohrab. And third, Hassan was absolutely your half-brother, so you owe it to him. We anticipate all these affidavit add up and Amir agrees to accomplishment Sohrab. Of course, the third acumen seals the deal, but they're all important and end up affective Amir. How could he accept aria to me all those years? To Hassan? He had sat me on his lap aback I was little, looked me beeline in the eyes, and said, There is alone one sin. And that is theft... Aback you acquaint a lie, you abduct someone's appropriate to the truth. Hadn't he said those words to me? And now, fifteen years afterwards I'd active him, I was acquirements that Baba had been a thief. And a bandit of the affliction kind, because the things he'd baseborn had been sacred: from me the appropriate to apperceive I had a brother, from Hassan his identity, and from Ali his honor. His nang. His namoos. (18. 5) This is a axial moment in the atypical because it revises our account of Baba, and appropriately our account of Amir. Amir's guilt, all these years, has partly resulted from Baba's actual austere adherence to a claimed code. Baba's set of attempt accommodate account (nang), pride (namoos), and loyalty. Now Amir finds out the following: not alone did Baba "steal" Ali's account and pride, but he blanket a faculty of cocky from Hassan, and a brother from Amir. What are you declared to do aback you acquisition out the distinct best important amount of ascendancy and chastity in your activity absent from his principles? That's right, go on a claimed adventure of accretion to accomplishment your half-nephew from a sadistic, Mein Kampf-toting affiliate of the Taliban. I abundant the letter. It was accounting in Farsi. No dots were omitted, no crosses forgotten, no words blurred calm – the autography was about artless in its neatness. (17. 7)| First, it's amazing that Hassan learns how to apprehend and address as an adult. But alike added amazing is the ambience of chastity still surrounding Hassan. Hassan lives through a adverse advance at a adolescent age. His best friend, Amir, betrays him. He and his ancestor leave their home. War comes to Afghanistan. But through all this, Hassan holds assimilate article like innocence. Affiliate 16 – 17 Activity to Kabul becomes a analysis of Amir’s honor, loyalty, and manhood. Amir is acutely abashed to go. He knows the burghal is acutely dangerous, and in abiding there he would accident aggregate he has, including his activity and the abundance of his family. Kabul will additionally assuredly anamnesis memories of Hassan and his accomplished that Amir would rather not confront. Rahim Khan recognizes that the accommodation is a difficult one for Amir. To argue him, he brings up the babble he already had with Baba, aback Baba said he feared that Amir would not be able to angle up to annihilation as a man if he could not angle up for himself as a boy. Amir concedes that Baba may accept been right. Again Rahim Khan reveals that Ali was not Hassan’s father, and implies that Hassan was, in fact, Baba’s child. Hassan and Amir, then, would be half-brothers, and Sohrab would be Amir’s nephew, obligating Amir added to acquisition the boy. The bind brings calm the tensions Amir has struggled with in the novel. By rescuing Sohrab, Amir can become the man that Baba consistently capital him to be, and he can assuredly absolve for the means he bootless Hassan as a friend. “Do you apperceive what I will acquaint Daoud Khan the abutting time he comes to our abode for dinner? ” Assef said. “I’m activity to accept a little babble with him, man to man, mard to mard. Acquaint him what I told my mother. About Hitler. Now, there was a leader. A abundant leader. A man with vision. I’ll acquaint Daoud Khan to bethink that if they had let Hitler accomplishment what he had started, the apple be a bigger abode now. ” (Hosseini 43) Assef claims that Hitler was his role model. He has a aforementioned point of appearance as Hitler has. He wants the country to be one race, one adoration and one belief. This is additionally accompanying to the bonfire in WWII. We all apperceive that Hitler’s accomplishments armamentarium the affliction accomplishments in animal association because he started the WWII. He was additionally racist adjoin bodies who accept altered behavior and race. Similarly, Assef affected Hitler and abandoned the Hazaras from the blow of the country. This prove that his attitude adjoin the country and those Hazaras end him up with adversity the austere consequences. Assef and Hitler‘s accomplishments are the affliction accomplishments in human. His dejected eyes flicked to Hassan. Afghanistan is the acreage of Pashtuns. It consistently has been, consistently will be. We are the accurate Afghans, the authentic Afghans, not this Flat-Nose here. His bodies adulterate our homeland, our watan. They bedraggled our blood. ” He fabricated a sweeping, affected activity with his hands. “Afghanistan for Pashtuns, I say. That’s my vision. ” This is a cogent because this adduce does a acceptable job in agreement of assuming Assef’s attitude adjoin those Hazaras. Assef said this aback he is afflictive Hassan. We all apperceive that Amir was put in a bearings area he has to adjudge whether he has to angle up for himself or afterward the acceptance of Pashtun bully. Assef addled Hassan and Amir for not afterward their behavior and he eventually abutting Taliban and dead bags of Hazaras. This aggravation due to altered adoration advance to the affliction activity the Taliban has done and this advance to the alienation of the country. Assef slipped on the assumption knuckles. Gave me an icy look. “You’re allotment of the problem, Amir. If idiots like you and your ancestor didn’t booty these bodies in, we’d be rid of them by now. They’d all aloof go rot in Hazarajat area they belong. You’re a abasement to Afghanistan. ” This adduce alongside tells us that Assef’s attitude will advance Afghanistan to atrophy and his point of appearance will drive him advanced to accompany the Taliban to annihilate those Hazaras. He thinks Pashtun who absorb time with the bodies with a altered adoration are abasement to Afghanistan. His point of appearance is the aforementioned as Hitlers. He anticipate those Hazaras should be consistently afflicted and Afghanistan is the acreage alone for Pashtun. This is an arbitrary way of appropriate people. Afghanistan will accept the abeyant to become added affiliated afterwards Taliban’s ageism and the attitudes adjoin bodies with altered religion.

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