Technology Management Plan

   Individual Project I-2 1.    Title Technology Administration Plan  2.    Introduction You accept been alleged to be the acting CIO for a accessory of Largo Association alleged Rustic Americana. Its primary articles accommodate arts and crafts that reflect the history, geography, ballad and cultural ancestry of the United States. It specializes in absolute business and sales through its alarm center. Sales are through a web store, a brick and adhesive store, and a absolute mail catalogue. All casework are housed beneath one roof that accommodate warehousing, adjustment fulfillment, shipping, accumulated administration and operations, and the alarm center. The success of the aggregation hinges on its clear absolute mail archive and the altered artefact line.  Unfortunately, anniversary sales accept beneath over the years due abundantly due to centralized issues. The antecedent CIO was concluded some say due to amateurishness primarily accompanying to the underperforming alarm center. In addition, belief swirled about the activities of the CIO. He was generally absent from the building. He abandoned himself abaft the bankrupt aperture of his office. Associated rumors mounted, and it was believed that he was active a consulting business on aggregation time. Back the Rustic Americana CEO asked him about this during a academic review, the CIO answered that it was a weekend amusement that kept him beside of arising technologies. The CEO asked him if one of their competitors was a applicant and he angrily denied the accusation. She was assertive that the CIO was not actuality absolutely accurate with her. Call Centermost Operations Managing a alarm centermost demands a advanced ambit of abilities including managerial, troubleshooting, backbone and actuality air-conditioned beneath pressure. Knowledge of computer and communications abilities is accessible but best alarm centers accept a abstruse abutment division. The alarm centermost administrator is Prisha Khan – she has been in the job for about 2 months. The chump account adumbrative (CSR) in the alarm centermost responds to a alarm for product. On the chump administration arrangement (CMS), the CSR collects and anon enters chump information; on a abstracted account administration arrangement (IMS), the CSR looks up the product, and verifies if the barn has it in stock. If it does, the adjustment is entered on the CMS, and the CSR decreases the account on the IMS. On the CMS, the CSR creates an adjustment accomplishment admission that is automatically shuttled to the barn processing agent who prints it and again generates the aircraft label. The aircraft characterization is able through a web-based arrangement through either UPS or USPS, which additionally produces a tracking cardinal acclimated by both the aggregation and the customer. The processing agent enters the aircraft costs and tracking cardinal into the CMS. The chump is billed back the adjustment ships.  The barn aggregation uses bar cipher scanners to clue merchandise; already the adjustment is selected, it moves forth a agent to a aircraft agent who bales the order, affixes the aircraft label, scans the bar code, and places the amalgamation into a bin for commitment pick-up. The final browse automatically enters the dollar amounts into the arrangement for billing. An old UNIX arrangement is acclimated to administer inventory. Abstracts ascribe clerks entered admonition on new commodity into it, CSRs referred to it for artefact data, and if the artefact was on hand, it produced an adjustment processing anatomy which was beatific to the barn for processing. The CSR could abate the account through the terminal on their desk. The botheration they accomplished was a brace amount on airy inventory. It was a accepted accident that a chump would be told the artefact would abode back it was in actuality depleted by alternative CSRs.  There were adverse angle on the affair amenable for advance the systems. The aloft CIO believed the alarm centermost administrator bare to booty the advance on advance operations, while the alarm centermost administrator complained that this was an IT botheration and she could not abide downtime. To add to the fray, the Chief Financial Officer aghast at the amount associated with this investment. The CEO did not feel the coercion and leaned to the CFO for advice.  Staffing the alarm centermost is the albatross of the alarm centermost manager. Ms. Khan uses accomplished aggregate acquaintance to accomplish abiding there were acceptable CSRs on hand. She kept a account of “on-call” CSRs for hasty business. Her staffing absolute was the cardinal of stations with computer admission to the servers. The alarm centermost uses a Cisco Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) buzz system. The buzz arrangement runs on two standalone servers -- one for alarm acquisition and the alternative for voicemail. There is a committed assessment chargeless cardinal into the center, and the arrangement is programmed with an auto-attendant to absolute calls. The aggregate of calls is a problem, and the cardinal of curve is beneath than the cardinal of agents accessible to booty calls during aerial aggregate periods. This is because there is a per-trunk account account allegation and the alarm centermost cannot acclimatize the cardinal of trunks based on alternate demand. Back the addition is placed in queue, the accepted convenance is to absolute the breadth of the boilerplate alarm to six rings. The buzz arrangement requires a bounded coaxial cable Internet account to accumulation broadband. Phones are affiliated to the arrangement architectonics appliance accepted Cat5 chestnut cabling which routes buzz cartage to the alarm center. Under this approach, there accept been issues with “quality of service.” The aloft CIO was addicted of adage “problems with the cable company” back things went wrong. There was no accomplishment to clue downtime. During these “downtimes” the absolute alarm centermost becomes abandoned and acquirement is lost. Because the Internet is angry to the aforementioned cable service, web casework were additionally down. The Rustic Americana CEO acquainted that the abridgement of admission beat new customers, but no abstracts was calm to announce a alternation amid downtimes and sales decline.  Inside the architectonics there is an appliance server, a server for Microsoft Outlook email, the web server, and the archetypal accompaniment of routers and switches. The aloft CIO acclimated a array of accouterments from altered vendors. Back broadband cable casework are up, bandwidth is not a problem, except back the aloft CIO accustomed advisers to beck movies during their break to addition morale. Advisers commonly acclimated their workstations to analysis claimed email, and to administer their amusing networking accounts. There was a botheration with one agent announcement aspersing comments about the aggregation that resulted in a astringent reprimand.  The abstracts systems for the alarm centermost are bureaucracy as follows. The centermost has two abstracts servers. One abstracts server has a UNIX operating system, and it runs Oracle database technology. The added server is a Microsoft operating system, and it runs SQL database technology. The two abstracts servers are accessed via 40 workstations in the alarm center. It is staffed 24/7 but is bankrupt on aloft holidays. The alarm centermost additionally contains 10 added beforehand workstations, which are acclimated by abstracts ascribe clerks to amend account back ordered and aloft accession this account was absolute and bar cipher tagged with bounded banal account labels. CSRs use a "homegrown" chump abutment appliance developed in abode which uses a all-encompassing Oracle Forms interface. The aloft CIO did not accept in "bells and whistles" of avant-garde Chump Resource Administration (CRM) systems -- besides, the Director of Business did not accept the amount of CRM, the CFO was not abiding to accomplish the software and accouterments investments, and the Rustic Americana CEO captivated stereotypical, non-strategic angle of customers. The disability to do their appropriate assignment was a connected complaint of agents. Moreover, there is no technology basement in abode to abutment adaptable accretion such as agents use of tablets or (more critical) a wireless interface on bar cipher scanners acclimated in the warehouse. Your Role as Acting CIO You should anatomy your assignment about compassionate the mechanics of action technology administration aloft the charge to accurately acclaim the backup of aged yet anatomic systems. You should strive for an alignment of technology with the business needs.  You accept been asked by the Accumulated CEO to fix the problems created by the aloft CIO’s perceived corruption of the IT operations and resources. In particular, you charge to abode the abundant complaints about the alarm centermost apropos its poor account such as delayed aircraft and abortion to acquaint back a artefact is out of stock.  The CEO asked that a plan be able and presented for finer managing the company’s IT operations – accurately its alarm center. Aural Rustic Americana, there is a Chief Financial Officer, a Director of Marketing, a Absolute Sales Director and the accepted departments. You are the “acting” CIO, and as such, you accept your own agents of ten which includes an abettor who handles agents administration and accessories orders, a arrangement architect for anniversary of the three analytical systems, a systems analyst, a web server programmer, and four desktop abutment technicians.  This acquirements action focuses what it takes to administer abstruse operations. You will apprentice about creating reliable acknowledgment mechanisms for difficulties at all levels of action Admonition Technology interface. This includes appropriate analysis of technology accompanying issues, resolution of these issues, creating a ability of assurance and dependence, allegorical agents of your activities, and developing cardinal affairs for abbreviation bottlenecks in the future. Understanding technology administration is important to an IT able because in this environment, as would be accurate of best accumulated environments, computer-based admonition systems are at the amount of an able and aggressive account delivery. Able administration requires the identification of problems, the resolution of those problems, an eye on the approaching of the association and its profit, and accuracy through advice with aeon and subordinates. 3. Steps to Completion 1) Assay the Situation  First analysis and assay the business and IT operations of the alarm center.  Break bottomward the absolute action into abate genitalia and assay these parts. If all-important draw a sketch. In general, actuality are some archetypal questions one should accede as allotment of the analysis: 1. What is the business archetypal for the corporation? 2. Where is technology strong? Where is it weak?  3. How do we administer accommodation both in agreement of our computer system’s accommodation (and acknowledgment time and accountability tolerance) and our staffing accommodation (does the assignment performed abounding absorb the ability for which it is paid?). 4. What is our sustainability policy? 5. What is our technology addition strategy? 6. What is our akin of arrangement support? How are affairs evaluated for their abounding amount to the ability of the corporation?  7. How are problems apparent aural the corporation?   Next analyze key issues and challenges. Aloft abstruse concerns, there are additionally authoritative issues that charge to be addressed. Deliverable: Capture this admonition in an affair cast which is a table that lists, categorizes and prioritizes these problems (High, Medium, and Low), that assigns albatross for the botheration to centralized staff, to arrangement support, or to others (specify these individuals) and accommodate alternative admonition you feel relevant.  This will be apparent to administration so they will readily analyze and accept the key concerns. Use your creativity. 2) Analyze Best Practices Research accepted best practices apropos to technology administration practices including operational advance approaches. You can alpha with these U.S. Government Accountability Appointment (GAO) information: Also, key administration best practices are listed in Chapter 2 of this reference: Also analyze bodies administration abilities bare to accept an able operation. You can activate with this link: Understand ethical requirements for individuals in an organization. Actuality is a Prezi presentation about the subject: Deliverable: Prepare a best practices abode that addresses the key allegation from this step. This will be apparent to accumulated management. Minimum length: 400 words. 3) Select Applicative Operational Improvements You are to analyze what is bare for managing the alarm center. You use all of your agents as a aggregation to analyze solutions (Note: you may appeal for new positions on your agents but you cannot beat your accepted cardinal of slots).  You accept a faculty of the problems; now certificate the best practices which, if implemented, accomplish a accretion ambiance added stable, reliable and avant-garde and advice in absolute the challenges you accept set as top priorities adverse your corporation.  Specifically, analyze bare operational improvements applicative to Rustic Americana’s alarm centermost with a set of recommendations. Among alternative approaches, analyze the use of ITIL to accommodate customer-centric IT services. Actuality is a acceptable starting resource: Here is an addition to alarm centers: Also, be abiding to abode ethical behavior based on apropos aloft in this acquirements demonstration. This has been a aloft affair in Largo Association because of contempo bent accumulated practices that has been in the account recently. Also abode needs for the support, renewal, and sustainability of a alarm centermost technology. Be abiding to specify able circadian practices bare to administer operations. Deliverable: Develop an operational advance abode that summaries the key requirements discussed above. Minimum length: 600 words. 4) Certificate Allegation and Recommendations Document key allegation and recommendations in a presentation to your controlling aggregation (e.g., CEO, CFO, and Director of Marketing).  This presentation should certificate the issues and solutions articular earlier.  Deliverable: Final presentation The presentation should abide of 10-15 slides. It should accommodate audio account (directions are begin at: The account should additionally be captured in the accelerate notes.  4. Deliverables  1) Affair matrix 2) Best practices report 3) Operational advance report 4) Final presentation

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