Teacher Descriptive Essay

Lily Campbell Block 3 Mr. Watrous 18 September 2012 Who is Mr. Watrous? Aback we initially accommodated someone, we anon tend to adjudicator by concrete appearance. This is somewhat of a accustomed instinct, although the way addition looks does not necessarily reflect the individual’s accurate self. Aback I aboriginal strolled into Mr. Watrous’s classroom, my aboriginal consequence was that he’d be a stern, austere teacher. Soon afterwards I heard him allege to our class, and alike added afterwards accepting him for a few blocks, I begin that he is an affable and amusing man. My aboriginal consequence of Mr. Watrous is annihilation at all as his accurate personality. He’s absolutely absolutely an absorbing abecedary and actual altered from the majority. Mr. Watrous appears to be average aged, as his aphotic brown, abbreviate bristles is bushing in with gray. He doesn’t assume to accept wrinkles. Instead he has a clear, advantageous attractive face, absorbing blooming eyes, and aphotic bristles from his beard. He’s about average acme for an developed man and has a thin, yet able-bodied frame. Mr. Watrous dresses altered than best agents at Central West. His best beautiful apparel abide of “tablecloth” print, button up shirts, blooming pants, and two-inch heeled shoes. But what he consistently wears are collared or button up shirts, jeans, and dress shoes. In my opinion, Mr. Watrous’s actualization makes him arise as a strong, acrid affectionate of guy. But in reality, he’s far from that. In chic Mr. Watrous is a admixture of both academic and informal. Aback lecturing, or anon allurement questions he speaks and behaves absolutely formal. However, aback he accidentally speaks with a apprentice he’s added informal. Outside of the classroom Mr. Watrous’s accent is Campbell 2 added breezy with the use of a lot of slang. For example, he refers to the bodies he’s speaking to as “man” often, admitting their gender, as allotment of his accustomed vocabulary. In our chic Mr. Watrous acts as he wants the best accessible out of us. He seems absolutely focused on advancing us for the future. He talks to us about academy and our approaching constantly. He additionally teaches us the accent of speaking in academic and breezy manner, and alongside teaches us activity lessons. One archetype I’ll never balloon was that on the aboriginal day of academy he assigned an about absurd assignment of answering about 40 questions in 15 minutes, in attack to advise us that we charge to allege up and admit antic tasks requested of us. It seems that Mr. Watrous’s thoughts are absolutely able and strategic. Yet, aback one asks him to call how he thinks he says little of it is based on argumentation and he usually aloof ends up activity with his gut. This is constant with how Mr. Watrous teaches, he presents himself as a absolutely smart, all-knowing guy, but as he’s teaching he is cerebration of new things to say. In our classroom Mr. Watrous thinks a lot about his acceptance and how to advice them succeed, but alfresco of academy he has added important priorities. He owns an art arcade and ranch, additional he has a family. Mr. Watrous apparently thinks about his agronomical actual generally aback it needs maintenance. Aback he is an artist, he is actual creative, I’m abiding he is consistently cerebration of new things to paint. Aloof like any alternative husband/father Mr. Watrous is activity to consistently anticipate about his family. Acceptance attending up to Mr. Watrous and amusement him actual respectfully. He is accepted by his acceptance who assurance him, and appetite to apprentice from him. Acceptance will antic about with Mr. Watrous aback he’ll antic about with us generally also. Mr. Watrous treats his apprentice in a admiring manner. Although he will be honest, and acquaint addition what is absolutely on his mind. He holds our chic up to aerial standards and wants us to be the best possible. If a apprentice says “Um” he’ll apish them Campbell 3 actual distinct time, acquisitive that we will eventually stop actuality borderline of ourselves and anticipate afore we talk. He does this so we will anticipate afore we allege and not be borderline or ourselves. Mr. Watrous is a altered affectionate of teacher, but in a acceptable way. His actualization is artful aback he looks alarming and mean. He’s absolutely absolutely cool nice and a laid aback teacher. He acts altered in his classroom and home settings. As a abecedary his absorption is in what’s best for his students. His acceptance apprehend that so they account and acknowledge him actual much.

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