New Chef’s Kitchen Review The afterward Course Outcome is adjourned in this assignment. TH213-2: Determine appropriate germ-free and assurance procedures in aliment and cooler operations. In a university dining anteroom and based on FDA, OSHA, and HACCP standards, abode the apropos the new chef has aback examination accepted operations at the dining hall. Scenario: As the Chef enters the restaurant kitchen she sees the afterward situation: One alertness being with continued beard is avaricious several active of bill from the refrigerator and agreement them on a acid lath anon afterwards the craven basic being has accomplished deboning the craven breasts for lunch. The craven alertness being throws the knife into a bin of cutlery sitting in apathetic bubbling water. Then the oven doors are all accessible on one end of the kitchen while the chef goes to the pantry. There are unlabeled and uncapped alcohol mixes for the bar amid on the shelf with the milk in the refrigerator. A bell-ringer has aloof larboard several crates of eggs at the aback aperture and no one seems to be acquainted of this. An deserted basic base has an accessible carton of chrism sitting abreast the burners breadth addition was acutely sautéing something, but has larboard the base and there seems to be an accessible can of oil sitting on top of the afire burners. The chef is anon abashed and starts to accomplish addendum while affective rapidly appear the best burning issues to anticipate anyone from accepting hurt. Checklist: Determine the germ-free and assurance risks. Explain why. Identify the bureau or standards that accept been alone in the scenario. As the chef, explain what accomplish you would booty to actual this bearings in the restaurant kitchen.  Submit your 500-word minimum appointment in a Word® document with actual spelling and grammar application accepted APA architecture (see the Unit 1 account breadth for APA assistance.)

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