Scenario As Healthy Dynamics (HD) moves advanced in the development of their cardinal plan, it is important to accept area the aggregation is strong, area it is weak, the above opportunities the aggregation can explore, and accessible threats. HD currently offers customized wellness programs to their clients, which accommodate all or some of the afterward services: bloom assessments, biometric screenings, and telephonic bloom coaching. Telephonic apprenticeship calls accept alone by 25% over the aftermost year, and requests for onsite biometric screenings accept added by 15%, while bloom assessments are still actuality administered by paper. The aggregation has over 500 employees, all alive onsite at a five-floor commercial-leased architecture that includes an onsite fettle center, cafeteria, and breakrooms on anniversary floor. The agents abide of the afterward aggregation associates (10) in leadership, (30) advice technology, (5) marketing, (250) bloom coaches, (20) annual managers, (5) cardinal planning managers, (5) administrative, (2) animal ability directors, (3) account managers, (200) biometric screeners, and (10) arrangement managers. The cafeteria agents are not advisers of the aggregation and amount HD $500,000 per year. The aggregation acquirement has connected to abatement by 15-25% over the aftermost bristles years. If this trend continues for addition two years, the aggregation will be bankrupt. Customer achievement ante are declining, yet they are still advised one of the top competitors in the wellness industry. You accept been tasked with assessing the cardinal position of the business and its environment. Some options currently beneath application are aggregation restructuring, merger, acquisition, and abacus or removing services. To accommodate a bright snapshot to advice the aggregation accept area it stands, you will analyze key issues by creating a SWOT Analysis. Instructions Create a SWOT Analysis that includes: The Strengths of Healthy Dynamics aural the wellness industry The Weaknesses of Healthy Dynamics aural the wellness industry The Opportunities accessible to Healthy Dynamics aural the wellness industry (or analysis abeyant opportunities by aberration into a new industry) The Threats to Healthy Dynamics aural the wellness industry (or analysis abeyant threats from companies whose primary business is in another, accompanying industry, or from confusing technologies that potentially abuse all companies in an industry) Your appointment should accommodate a appellation page, a advertence page, two internet sources and a minimum of one bookish source

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