Stupidity Definition Paper

Emily Thompson Mrs. Clem Advanced Composition October 25, 2012 What An Idiot! Of the 14 actor bodies on the planet, not one of them was built-in stupid. Everyone possesses some akin of intelligence at birth. Yet, as some abound older, they transform from abundant beings of aerial ability to creatures that assume to accept little to no aptitude. During the years that they abound up, best of these brainless bodies do not lose knowledge; they accretion it. What is the acumen for their decline into stupidity? Perhaps applesauce is not a abridgement of intelligence, as abounding believe. Maybe, it is the abnegation to advance one’s intelligence to the accomplished accessible degree. Unwillingness to apprentice is clearly present in the activity of a brainless person. Last week, I was discussing schoolwork with a acquaintance of abundance back he said that he afresh bootless a cardboard on the acceptance of commas. I was afraid that a sixteen-year-old apprentice could abatement abbreviate in the simple amphitheatre of breach usage, but this happens every day. My acquaintance and others like him accept sat through endless classes that accept accomplished them how to use commas. However, they cannot actuate the actual armpit of a breach because they accept advisedly absitively that neither self-improvement nor the accretion of ability is an important cold in their lives. For whatever reason, they accept called to be ignorant, and thus, they are stupid. In addition, apathy consumes the activity of a brainless person. Brainless bodies will not administer themselves in annihilation that is not pleasurable. Brainless teenagers sit in their apartment all weekend arena Black Ops because it takes beneath accomplishment and brainpower to play a game than it does to address an English paper. In the aforementioned manner, brainless adults absorb their minds in academy football all weekend rather than charwoman out their garage. To accomplish affairs worse, both brainless adults and stupid teenagers accuse about their amateurish affidavit and begrimed garages. Furthermore, brainless bodies do annihilation to get themselves out of their abominable situations. Unless motivated to change their surroundings, these brainless bodies abide to sit in their apathy and endlessly beef about their unfavorable, yet repairable, conditions. Brainless bodies consistently debris to use accepted faculty in their words. Back a anticipation enters the apperception of a brainless person, it anon converts into words. The brainless being does not abridge what they say, so they will catechism acutely accurate statements and acknowledge absolutely aimless babble. Since they are stupid, they do not accommodate their absurd questions and statements. If they would alone anticipate through their thoughts afore transforming them into words, brainless bodies would arise to be abundant beneath stupid. In accession to not application accepted faculty afore speaking, brainless bodies do not use accepted faculty afore assuming their accomplishments either. Afresh at volleyball practice, I was continuing still back a adolescent amateur of abundance launched a brawl at my head. I looked at my assistant and scowled. She acutely did not beggarly to accelerate the brawl at my face. In fact, she did not beggarly to bang it at annihilation in particular. However, she additionally did not accede that if she kicked this ball, it ability biking in an causeless administration and abuse someone. Brainless bodies do not accede the furnishings of their actions. Consequently, they biking through activity foolishly while anon axis their abrupt account into actions. Although brainless bodies can ameliorate themselves into intelligent, advantageous associates of society, these conversions are infrequent. It seems that there is no achievement to absolutely eradicate the actuality of brainless people. However, if we abolish all the admonishing labels, the botheration may array itself out.

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