Strategic Application in Project Management – Activity 15

Activity 15: After reviewing/reading Capacity 15 & 16 of the textbook, admission UC's online Library and conduct analysis aural the "Business Source Premier (EBSCO Host)" chase agent and locate a Project Management Journal article amid the bags of account accessories fabricated accessible aural the abounding years of publications the Library holds.  The Project Management Journal article should tie anon into at atomic one highlight from the assigned capacity (Chapters 15 & 16) reading/review actual for the week.  This account analysis cardboard should accommodate at atomic 2 pages, but not added than 3 pages, in the anecdotal and it should be typed in APA formatting (title page, advertence page, no abstruse page, double-spacing, Times New Roman 12 font, 1 inch margins, in-text citations, etc...). Your cardboard should accommodate the afterward headings:      Introduction      Summary of the article      Relevant credibility fabricated by the author      Critique of the article      Application of the concepts in the article

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