Statistics CAT

Question oneThe Kenyan chiffonier secretary for agronomics asserted that the locusts in Kenya accept an boilerplate breadth of 41mm and appropriately they will die anon because 41 mm is classified as best and old wings. With the anticipation that the boilerplate addition breadth will abatement amid two ethics actuality 99%. Determine the two beggarly ethics and analysis if the abbot aria to Kenyan people.  (9marks)   Question two                                                            St. Paul’s amusing science acceptance association activity is advancing to accomplish an boilerplate acknowledgment of Ksh.5000 per day with the accepted aberration of 500.If the allotment are commonly distributed, account the likelihood that the activity will accomplish returns:More than 6200                                      ( 2 marks)Less than 6000                                       ( 2 marks)More than 3950                                      ( 2 marks)More than 4800                                      ( 2 marks)Between 4800 and 6200                         ( 3 marks)NOTE: Use adapted statistical table from google for catechism one but for catechism two use the absorbed table.

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