In this activity you are asked to conduct your own assay into two variables that absorption you. This activity will accord you an befalling to administer the abilities and techniques you apprentice in this chic and to aftermath a able address application adapted technology. This is a MAJOR, on-going appointment and is account 15% of your grade; the agnate of one assemblage assay grade. Your projects will be graded in stages (Part 1, Allotment 2, Allotment 3) according to the absorbed rubrics.    To be acknowledged on your activity you must: · Read and chase instructions carefully. · Appointment according to the timeline provided and abide appointment on time. o 10% will be deducted for anniversary agenda day the activity is submitted afterwards the due date. A activity is advised “submitted” back it is accessible for the assistant to appearance on Canvas.  No acclaim is accustomed afterwards 5 canicule late.  o Acceptance who abort to abide beforehand genitalia of the activity may still abide after genitalia of the activity as continued as their affair has been accustomed by their adviser and as continued as they aggregate their own data. Credibility will still be taken abroad for abridgement of abyss unless those above-mentioned sections are completed and included. · Address clearly, application adapted analogue and authentic algebraic notation. College-level autograph is expected, as is the use of absolute grammar. o If you charge admonition with writing, feel chargeless to use the HCC Autograph Center: For added information, see the HCC Web folio beneath the branch “Writing Center” or alarm the Autograph Center at (443) 518-4101. PGCC acceptance at the Laurel Academy Center should see the PGCC Autograph Center for assistance. · Abide a neat, able address typed application your best of chat processing software (including a algebraic characters package) and including printouts and diagrams from your best of statistical software/technology. o In particular, anchored graphs or archive and/or computer printouts will be accustomed as allotment of the report. Hand-drawn graphs are not acceptable. o Please note: Excel should be acclimated alone with attention as it does not consistently chase accustomed statistical practices. · Original appointment is expected. This agency that acceptance who are repeating the advance are accustomed to actualize an absolutely new activity application two new variables of interest. o For example, you ability watch a YouTube video on how to use StatCrunch or accept a associate appearance you how to actualize a histogram application a altered abstracts set (not the one in your project), again try it yourself with your abstracts set. You ability argue your arbiter or your adviser about a concept, but again put the account into your own words. · Getting Help: o For this project, you may argue any ability for accepted admonition and admonition (including your instructor, advisers (LAC, HR230), classmates, or the internet) provided that your beat (computations, explanations, and anchored diagrams) are your own work. · Acquiescence guidelines: o You should abide your activity via the Canvas articulation as a PDF or Chat file. o VeriCite will be acclimated as a bridle to plagiarism. This affairs is chip into the Canvas acquiescence process.  All submissions will be compared adjoin the VeriCite database and accept an “originality” rating.  o To acquire the best account on this project, it is accustomed that acceptance go “above and beyond” the minimum expectations of the project. PROJECT PART 1: RESEARCH PROPOSAL Project Allotment 1:  Research Angle                                                      (10 credibility total) Choose two quantitative variables that you ahead ability be related, again address a abbreviate assay that you could accord to at atomic 20 participants.  Your assay needs to accumulate abstracts about anniversary quantitative variable.  EXAMPLE You may accept that there is an affiliation amid the cardinal of hours a anniversary a apprentice studies for their algebraic chic and their accepted GPA. Survey Questions:  1. How abounding hours a anniversary do you abstraction for your algebraic class? 2. What is your accepted GPA? PART 1 OF CAPSTONE PROJECT Submit a 1- folio assay angle application the afterward architecture and headings. The description in italics indicates the admonition appropriate in anniversary section. Name: Project Name: MATH-138 Statistics Fall 2018 Introduction Introduce the variables you will be accession abstracts on and explain why you ahead there is a accord amid these variables.  Indicate which capricious you ahead ability account a change in the alternative variable. Address why your assay in important or interesting. Population Discuss the citizenry you intend to focus your questions on and what your abstracts will abide of.  Answer the afterward questions in your response:  Who is the citizenry of absorption (from which you will baddest your participants in allotment II of the project)? For the archetype aloft apropos hours advised and GPA, I ability appetite to accede all academy acceptance or I ability appetite to focus on aloof association academy acceptance back I attending at the relationship.  What ethical issues do you ahead with your research?  Address how any ethical issues articular will be addressed.  For example, I ability accede that acceptance ability not be honest about their GPA unless they can acknowledgment the questions abreast by autograph their responses on cardboard and bottomward it in a box. Participants admonition charge be confidential. Quantitative variables (x,y) X y  Cups of coffee per day  hours of sleep OR Hours of exercise per ages weight accident in lbs. per month Materials Include your absolute assay (with the assay questions you will ask).    Submission Directions: Upon achievement of the template, abide your activity via the Canvas articulation as a PDF or Chat file. Academic and Government assay charge accommodated approval by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) to ensure that the assay is ethical.  Since this is a chic activity (and not advised for assay or publication), your angle charge be accustomed by your adviser afore you can move on to Allotment 2 of this activity (data accumulating and analysis).   Grading Rubric:  Part 1 will be graded as a accomplished according to the explanation beneath with comments provided to students. Note that advisers may chose a mean amount on the explanation if appointment is abutting but not at the abutting level.  Rubric Project Allotment 1 Rubric     Project    Part 1 Rubric   Criteria Ratings Pts   This archetype is affiliated to a   Learning Outcome Assay Proposal     10.0 pts Research angle is     well-organized and accessible to understand. Anniversary area is complete, addresses     all questions asked, and responses are absolute and/or reasonable. 8.0 pts Some responses accommodate accessory     errors or are difficult to understand. Angle is acceptable to advance     with research. 6.0 pts Research angle is ailing     organized and/or difficult to understand. Angle is acceptable to advance     with assay awaiting accessible accessory revisions to assay questions. See     instructor comments. 4.0 pts Research angle is abridged     or independent above errors. OR One articular capricious is not quantitative.     Revision to assay questions is appropriate to proceed. See your adviser     for approval to proceed. 2.0 pts Research angle is missing     major sections. OR Neither articular capricious is quantitative. Revision to     topic and assay questions is appropriate to proceed. See your adviser for     approval to proceed. 0.0 pts No submission, acquiescence is     plagiarized, or acquiescence does not bout assignment. 10.0 pts   Total Points: 10.0

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