Statement of Purpose

  Overview:  In commutual this assignment, you will accretion a bigger compassionate of an Advice Security Plan. You are the Advice Security Officer of Mahtmarg Accomplishment a baby accomplishment aggregation account about $5 Million who provides cilia cable to bounded businesses, alone barter and to government organizations. In the advance of the abutting eight weeks you will be creating your Advice Security Plan (Issue-Specific Security Action in Table 4-3 of the textbook) footfall by footfall application this scenario. Your Task  Step 1: Advance your Account of Purpose for your Advice Security Plan (ISP) In this week’s Lab you will advance your Account of Purpose which will include: ·  The Introduction should acquaint the action and name the organization. ·  The Purpose should accompaniment the capital acumen for the action and any acknowledged or acquiescence issues appropriate to uphold. ·  The Scope provides a account of the boundaries of the policy, advice systems, the cyber architectonics and the cadre to which the action applies. ·  Roles and Responsibilities account the above roles in the alignment and their responsibilities in advertence to this policy. These should accommodate at a minimum: ·  Chief Advice Officer ·  Information Security Officer ·  Information Security Architect ·  Information Security Coordinator ·  Data Proprietor (Administrative official) ·  Data Custodian (Technical staff)

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