Special Topics week 4 6 to 7 slides

Assignment Details The administrator of the IT Guru arrangement operations centermost has afresh assassin 5 new advisers to accommodate 24x7 advantage of the NOC and has asked you to accommodate an overview on the use of Wireshark as a arrangement troubleshooting tool. Your presentation will be acclimated as a training aid for the new employees.  For this appointment you will charge to accommodate a presentation that will alternation a new appoint on the use of Wireshark as a arrangement troubleshooting tool.  Your PowerPoint presentation should accommodate 1 accelerate anniversary accoutrement the following: Explanation of what Wireshark is. How Wireshark can be acclimated for cartage abduction and analysis. Deep packet assay of accepted protocols. Examples of accustomed and aberrant behavior on the network. Examples of accepted advance signatures. Conclusion accelerate with a analysis of how to accept acquiescent and alive attacks.  Extra capacity to abutment your account in the accelerate addendum area so that the slides can be acclimated as a advertence antecedent for the advisers afterwards your presentation.  

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