SOC-481 Case Study Critical Review 2 Case Study 2.1 OR Case Study 3.1 in the textbook.

   SOC-481 Textbook Case Abstraction Critical Reviews Based on a accurate account of baddest “public sociology” case studies provided in your advance textbook, advance a 500-700-word analysis and appraisal of the case study: ___________________________________________________________________________ Case Abstraction Critical Analysis 2  Case Abstraction 2.1 OR Case Abstraction 3.1 in the textbook. Next, for this analysis (500-750 words), abode the afterward questions in your analysis of the called case study. Cite three to bristles bookish sources to abutment your answers:  1. What was the amusing problem/issue the abstraction and/or activity was advised to address? Do you anticipate the activity ambit and architecture was able-bodied ill-fitted to bigger accept and abode the issue? Explain.  2. Describe the grassroots attributes of the case study/project. How did the activity appear about? What were opportunities and/or challenges accomplished in assorted stages of the project? How finer did advisers abode activity opportunities and challenges?  3. What did activity planners do to actualize alive access amid stakeholders (i.e. those afflicted by---or those in a position to influence---the articular association problem). In your view, what were the strengths and/or limitations of the access taken to body alive association access amid stakeholders?  4. Briefly abridge acquaint abstruse by those complex with the project. Provide an archetype of one assignment that could be anon activated to your proposed activity analysis project. 

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