SOC 321 Methods of Social Research I: Quantitative Research

   # 5 Look aback on Assignment 4, and accept an affiliation that you would like to apperceive added about: Is it spurious? Is there an amid capricious acknowledgment it? Run an assay for this affiliation authoritative for a third variable—one that you accept not alleged amid your antecedent three variables for the assignments in this course. You appetite to architecture a crosstab, so you may accept to do some recording of one or added variable(s) so that you accept them at the actual akin of measurement. Once you accept run the SPSS commands, consign the table from the Statistics Viewer into a Word file. Interpret the after-effects beneath the table. Accomplish abiding you accommodate the Lambda (or Gamma) and Chi-Square tables for this assay so you can acknowledgment the three antecedent testing questions about the backbone of association, administration (if applicable), and statistical significance. In these tables, accomplish abiding you cull the Chi-Square and Lambda/Gamma ethics for the “Total” affiliation and not the above-mentioned rows of the Output. Note: you will accept to accord your table a appellation in Word because you cannot change the appellation affectation of tables in SPSS. Also, bethink that the new table you actualize will be blue-blooded for one class of the abased capricious and present the accurately alleged percentages from the SPSS Output, as apparent in Demonstration 17.1 in the textbook. This is what the abecedary said about #4 and #5 lab??  Here's what you're doing: Look at one of your crosstabs from SPSS Lab 4. Think about the accord that you accepted amid two of your variables. What abroad could explain the relationship?  Include that capricious in a three-way crosstab.  (This is alleged a ascendancy variable.)  You accept to download: SPSS Statistics Software PC v24 PC - 7f4804b6307344a02769

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