Scenario It is important to accept a bright appearance of area a aggregation wants to be in the future. Healthy Dynamics wants to access aggregation revenue, abatement risk, access chump satisfaction, and possibly add new casework (goals) to the wellness programs they offer. As the cardinal planning manager, you are tasked with free what the aggregation charge do to get there (strategy) and what administration they charge booty to accomplish these goals (objective). The CEO has asked you to analysis the mission account you developed (SEE ATTACHED) and actualize a flowchart defining the goals and objectives to ensure they are clear, specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and appropriate (SMART) for the company. Instructions Create a flowchart that includes: Your mission statement Describe what you accurately appetite to accomplish Identify how you will admeasurement the accomplishment Define how you will accomplish the goal Explain how this ambition is accordant to what you appetite to accomplish Actualize a timeline for accomplishing the goals Your appointment should accommodate a appellation page, a advertence page, and a minimum of three bookish sources,

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