Security Architecture and Design – Final project

Final Project  Briefly acknowledge to all the afterward questions. Make abiding to explain and aback up your responses with facts and examples. This appointment should be in APA architectonics and accept to accommodate at atomic two references. The appointment charge be at atomic 1500 words. Accommodate a awning area with a title, your name, chic ID, and date at minimum.  Your assignment over the abutting 8 weeks will advance up to your adeptness to represent an action aegis architectonics band-aid as a diagram or diagrams with annotations. The activity involves depicting a Aegis Architectonics for one of the afterward businesses: Financial (Bank, brokerage, Insurer, etc.) Hospital/Medical Services Pharmaceutical/Chemical Social Media Company Energy Company (Electrical Utility, Oil Company, Solar, Wind, etc.) Manufacturer (Automobile, Computer, Consumer Electronics, etc.) Respond to the following:  Identify the business blazon you accept called for your paper. Provide a abrupt overview of the business Provide the goals and access to the project Architectural diagrams and annotations Submission Compose your assignment in a .doc or .docx book blazon application a chat processor (such as Microsoft Word, etc.) and save it frequently to your computer. Check your assignment and actual any spelling or grammatical errors. Accommodate at atomic two APA best contempo references. 

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