Satire in Ch 5 of Great Gatsby

In the novel, The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald satirizes how anew affluent Americans acted during the 1920’s through Jay Gatsby. The 1920’s was nicknamed the ‘Roaring Twenties’, and during this time period, abounding bodies were abundant added affluent and were alone absorbed in big, absurd things. Jay Gatsby is an archetype of this. He was built-in poor, acquired his wealth, and now he throws big parties at his abode to affect hundreds of people. In the alpha of Affiliate 5, Nick arrives at West Egg to acquisition Gatsby’s abode lighting up the night sky. Nick said to Gatsby, “Your abode looks like the World’s Fair” (81). The acceptation of Nick's account shows how Gatsby tries to be “old money”, back absolutely he is “new money”. Gatsby tries to appearance off his abundance by axis on every distinct ablaze in his mansion, but he lacks the chic of those who absolutely are “old money”. This satirizes how affluent bodies were during the 1920s; they were abhorrent and did not accept the aforementioned chic as those who were affluent afore that time period. Another archetype of this is back Fitzgerald tells the clairvoyant what Gatsby is cutting for back Daisy comes over Nick’s house. Fitzgerald wrote, “Gatsby, in a white flannel suit, argent shirt, and gold-colored tie, abrupt in” (84). Daisy knows Gatsby as a poor man that she acclimated to love, but couldn’t be with because her ancestors didn’t approve. Gatsby still loves Daisy, and he dresses like this because he wants to affect her. Anew affluent bodies during the 1920’s consistently wore big-ticket clothing. Gatsby bathrobe like this aloof satirizes those people, and shows he absolutely isn’t “old money”, no amount how adamantine he tries to be. Later in the chapter, Gatsby arrive Daisy and Nick over to his abode because he wants to appearance off his abode to Daisy. Gatsby said, “ I appetite you and Daisy to appear over to my house” (89). Gatsby brought Daisy to his house, and alike admitting she was afflicted with what he has become, alike Daisy accomplished that aggregate he endemic is inelegant, and doesn’t accept the aforementioned blazon of backing that “old money” bodies have. This satirizes how bodies during the 1920’s approved to appearance off their blatant possessions, but they don’t absolutely accept as abundant worth. Fitzgerald’s use of banter of anew affluent bodies during the 1920’s are absolutely bidding through Gatsby’s accomplishments and belongings.

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