salesperson evaluation

  You  are to go to any retail enactment  or sales bearings and appraise an alone salesperson. Examples of  possibilities accommodate a waiter/waitress, agent at specialty abundance  such as GameStop or Best Buy, agent at a casework abundance like  Verizon, or alike a car salesperson. You are not  to let them apperceive that you are evaluating them - you are to act as a  normal chump and booty brainy addendum on how they do , go to a  salesperson, appraise the salesperson,  tell your animosity on how able-bodied they did, allocution about what they did appropriate  and what they did wrong, and busy on  how you would accept fabricated the acquaintance better.    The cardboard should detail a cardinal of things: 1) What aggregation the agent works for and what position they held. I DO NOT appetite to apperceive their name. 2) A quick account of the sales appointment (how they approached you, interacted with you, etc.) 3) Your appraisal of what they did accurately and what they did wrong. Use claimed animosity in this amount if you wish. 4) What you would advance to the agent on how to advance their alternation with you However, you  should accept a abundant greater ability of sales and appropriately be able to be a  bit added discerning. At the end of your evaluation, allocution about how your  view of salespeople and what they are aggravating  to do has afflicted back your aboriginal evaluation.  - No plagiarism!  - Double-spaced - 12 pt Arial font - 3 pages of text. (Half of the third folio does not count) - Due in 12 hours

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