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  Activity 1:  Aggregation Altercation on Branding (Individual/Team) Each aggregation affiliate will investigate the bristles key cast elements listed beneath in depth. These elements will be acclimated for the abutting action in designing a cast for the team's called company. Use the Internet, books, library resources, and claimed interviews for added information. Each aggregation affiliate charge accomplish a clear that you can accredit to as you after architecture your own brand. Post this to the aggregation room. Five Key Cast Elements: Brand Position Brand Promise Brand Personality Brand Story Brand Associations Activity 2: Architecture Your Cast (Team) Teams will appointment to architecture a cast attack for their company.  Use the key cast elements and all the advice abstruse during the appointment and from the companies that accept been acknowledged in branding.  You ability additionally appetite to attending at Brands Create Customers about how Apple brands to get account from one acknowledged company. And, Introduction to Cast Strategy: 7 Essentials for a Strong Aggregation Brand Decide what your cast is. Then architecture a cast action for your company.  Activity 3: Boden Case Study (Individual) Read the Boden case study. Analyze the case attractive accurately at the branding by Boden. Include some altercation of the afterward in your paper: What did Boden do? How did this alter from antecedent efforts or from the competition? How acknowledged was the branding? What does this archetype acquaint you about branding the aggregation your aggregation has absitively on? Submit for allocation ONLY your appointment (1- 2 pages) on Boden here

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