Safety Engineering

Prevention through architecture (PtD) is a proactive approach to accident administration generally acclimated aural the assurance and bloom field.  Given the actuality that we are in a all-around bloom communicable and our access to preventing the advance of the virus has been beneath than stellar, amuse allotment your thoughts on means you feel PtD could accept been acclimated back our accessible bloom admiral aboriginal became acquainted of the abeyant blackmail (last year) to abbreviate the advance of the Corona virus in the United States. ALSO PLEASE REPLY TO ANOTHER STUDENTS COMMENT BELOW  Megan: One way I anticipate PtD could accept been acclimated is in a civic acknowledgment to the pandemic, rather than banishment anniversary accompaniment to appear up with solutions.  This would accept included the US government application its purchasing ability to access PPE and ventilators and actualize a civic repository, instead of banishment the states to clutter to get the all-important supplies.  Nationwide advice on closures and biking restrictions ability accept helped abate the confusion.  Once we abstruse added about the virus, administering money to schools and hospitals to advance their blast systems ability accept helped abate the spread. Focusing on prevention, advancement a communicable acknowledgment assignment force to alike the acknowledgment to a approaching communicable as able-bodied as a civic PPE athenaeum could accomplish a approaching communicable beneath severe.  The "just-in-time" account arrangement may access efficiency, but it doesn't assignment back a lot of a assertive account is bare in a abbreviate time period.

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