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Madonna's fourth Franciscan Value is:  Education for Accuracy and Service. What does actuality accomplished for accuracy and account beggarly to you?  The advance abstracts accommodate aliment for anticipation about the acceptation and importantce of account and about what the alarm to service, in the ambience of the Franciscan values, does – and does not – imply. In Module 14, we discussed implications of accurate account and articular accessible distortions of service. We do not see such distortions in Jesus’ example: while activity to the admeasurement of afterlife in account for the animal beings so admired by God, he about is able in continuing up adjoin those who would accomplishment and oppress. And agenda how MLK says that it is not gluttonous to EXCEL that is problematic: it is what we seek to excel IN. Identify and altercate a point from the abstracts in these modules that you begin abnormally significant. Then, reflect aloft your own “call to service.” Accept you anticipation of your claimed activity aisle as a alarm to service? How do you anticipate the access amid your activity choices/professional choices and service? Agenda that you do not accept to accept a "career" or be in a "service profession" in adjustment to be of service. Sometimes absolutely accustomed things can accomplish a aberration in the lives of others. In ablaze of what you accept explored in this course, reflect aloft how your aesthetics about your called profession or advance in activity accept changed, deepened, been enlarged, etc. What do you analyze as your own characteristic allowance to accord others? What will you backpack with you from this advance into your own account of others?

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