(ROKK) ENG315: Week 5 Assignment – Professional Experience: Presentation Summary Overview

The Able Experience assignments accept been advised to advice adapt you for communicating in a able appointment setting. When you are autograph in the workplace, it is capital to accomplish abiding that you anxiously chase any specific admonition you receive. Sending ailing formatted or ailing accounting communications to managers or coworkers is not commodity you appetite to do! To acquire abounding credit, accomplish abiding you complete all elements and chase the instructions absolutely as written. Assignments that chase admonition as accounting will accept abounding credit. If you abide your Able Experience appointment afore the due date and you are not annoyed with your grade, you may resubmit it one time afore the due date for a new grade. For this Able Experience, you will actualize a two-slide PowerPoint accouter in which you abridge an advisory Internet ability of your best on advancing able PowerPoint presentations or accelerate designs. Instructions To complete this assignment: Download and analysis the Week 5 PPT Resources [PPTX]. Save the book to your desktop application the afterward book name format: LastName_PE3_PPT.pptx Example: Smith_PE3_PPT.pptx Requirements Locate an article, video, or alternative ability that explains how to accomplish a PowerPoint presentation or discusses able accelerate design. No alternative capacity should be used. Give your presentation a appellation on Accelerate 1. On the anatomy accelerate (slide 2), address a abrupt arbitrary of your resource. Do not address beneath than 20 words or added than 50 words. Include a articulation to the ability or advice on the anatomy slide, not in the notes. Provide a alive hyperlink on the accelerate so your assistant can apprehend the commodity or watch the video. The articulation will not calculation against your chat count. Save all changes in your presentation with your name in the book name. Abide the LastName_PE3_PPT.pptx book to this  Able Experience: Presentation Arbitrary appointment by the deadline.

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