You  have been appointed aegis administrator of a abreast endemic three (3)  location retail sales enactment that specializes in automotive genitalia  and accessories. All three (3) sales establishments are aural a  forty-mile ambit in a southern state. Products awash in these food  include auto agent parts, auto fluids, auto batteries, auto accessories  (floor mats, agleam things, hubcaps, etc.), auto filters, and auto  electronics, as able-bodied as bonbon confined and automotive publications. All  three (3) locations are standalone food on buyer endemic property.  You  have been tasked to advance a distinct absolute aegis and accident  prevention plan applicative to all three (3) stores. This plan is  expected to include, but is not bound to, accident prevention, appellant  screening, centralized threats and countermeasures, alien threats and  countermeasures, aegis systems, centralized investigations, law  enforcement investigations, artifice prevention, accident management, emergency  management and assurance in the workplace.   Choose one (1) accountable of absorption from those listed above(Preferably RISK MANAGEMENT). Submit a cardboard that describes how that affair will be activated to the book listed above, FOR EXAMPLE HOW WILL RISK MANAGEMENT FIT IN TO THE OVERALL SECURITY PLAN, DISCUSS RISK MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES IN  DETAIL INCLUDING TYPES OF RISKS INCLUDING TECHNOLOGICAL, EXAMPLES, CONTROLS IN PLACE TO MITIGATE THOSE RISKS. It is accepted  that your “piece” submitted for this appointment is aloof one basic in  the greater absolute plan for these stores. If advice you  need to complete your “piece” was not provided in the aloft scenario, you may accomplish reasonable assumptions and advance with your assignment based on  those assumptions. MINIMUM 3000 WORDS, AT LEAST 12 PEER REVIEWED/SCHOLARLY APA REFERENCES. ABSOLUTELY NO PLAGIARISM OR GRAMMATICAL ERRORS. MUST SUBMIT TURNITIN REPORT AS WELL.  DUE AUGUST 20, 2021 AT 10AM EASTERN TIME.

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