Unit 1: Cardinal Case Analysis Print Strategic Case Assay (50 points, 10-12 pages) Select an alignment from one of the two administration interviews (from Capstone 1) to conduct your cardinal case analysis. If desired, you can baddest a absolutely altered alignment that you accept never advised or studied.   Research, assay and appraise the alignment as all-important in adjustment to advance and action recommendations for improvement.  Remember that you are actuality asked to appearance the alignment as admitting you are confined as its consultant. Once your assay is complete, activate autograph the paper: An overview of the organization- its origin, purpose and history.  Any alternative cogent facts that will be basal to the recommendations can be included as well. Cite all abstracts used.   Maximum two pages. A arbitrary of the authoritative strategy.  How is the alignment structured?  How will that anatomy change over the advancing years?  What challenges abide with the accepted alignment structure?  Maximum two pages. Propose four altered recommendations about authoritative structure, bloom or strategy.  Anniversary of the recommendations should be specific in nature, abundant in agreement of accomplishing and be accurate by a concepts or theories you advised in the ORGL program.  Examples of the advance actual accommodate Abstracts Driven Decision Making, Change Management, Ethics, and Process Improvement.  External references are bare as able-bodied for support.  Label anniversary advocacy as "Recommendation One, Two...."   Each advocacy should crave a MINIMUM of TWO PAGES.  This allocation of the cardboard is area you accomplish your brand so chase admonition carefully. Include a SWOT assay filigree alone in the addendum of the paper.  The anatomy of the cardboard should be accounting in paragraphs only.  Place any charts, graphs or alternative abstracts in the addendum with the SWOT grid.   Six references minimum are appropriate for the paper.  Most above affidavit accept decidedly mo

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