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I wish to thank Dr. Brent Carter my course leader for his valuable advice and support. I’m really glad to be one of your student in this class I learnt more about how the leader makes other people feel important and appreciated. The leader excels at creating opportunities to provide rewards, recognition and thanks to his or her staff. A leader creates a work environment in which people feel important and appreciated. I also want to thank everyone who contributed directly or indirectly to this thesis and also the students who are in my leadership class.


9/5/2013, this journal focuses on my personal leadership style and the guidance and empathy I received from the prophet Muhammad, My Father and former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. The content of this journal highlights excerpts from the prophet Muhammad. It provides an overview of how I developed my strength and courage from Muhammad’s divine religious practices. For instance, my faith leads me to believe that my religious experience has prepared me for the Leadership and Ethical Decision-Making course. I felt that it would be useful to explain my knowledge. I hope this journal will help the students to improve their cognitive ability in seeing, doing, and creating strength and endurance to succeed in life. Religion teaches us to think more clearly, and act on behalf of our life’s experiences. Because the worst thing is that we are living in a decayed moral state of being.

Each style of leadership charismatic and transformational works towards completing a set of goals and both has visions towards creating future success. Transformational leaders work hard at trying to transform self-interest into positives. On the other hand, charismatic leaders can motivate people to accomplish tasks, but not always. The leadership model differs in that, each of the leadership behavior/skill typologies are applied different within organizations. For example, leadership and managerial work and behavior changes with each leadership style of management Hunt, and Conger, (1999).

My style of management compares to the transformational style of leadership. In my organization there are challenges and adversity that I have face daily and routinely. My purpose as the manager in charge is to find effective ways to deal with those issues. Issues and problems that occur in my firm can be problematic for upper level management. My duties are to see that issues do not occur. What I have discovered is that in order to confront adversity; it requires the ability to initiate change and challenge the status quo.

Transformational leadership is more comprehensive and stable, especially when the transformation process is well balanced. I employ this type of leadership style effectively in my firm. Subordinates and workers understand effective leadership, particularly, when it is implemented correctly.

I Hope the Education System Comes Back

9/6/2013, I studied at Ahmed Shouqi Elementary School from 1982 to 1987. This school had a great reputation in my country, Libya. The elementary school was one of the few leaning institutions that offered remarkable opportunities to students. Each opportunity was based in part on developing student success and safe learning. Educators wanted to work at the elementary school because of the institutions religious philosophy and eminent values. However, parents wanted to send their children to the school because they believed in staff members, and they had faith in the administration; particularly, when it came to providing a quality education to the children. The school had excellent teachers, staff members who aided both children and parents; especially, in useful subjects such as Arabic philosophy and the English language, it was an interesting syllabi, and comfortable classes. The school, had a wonderful view, of the country-side and it was in a prime location. Students were leaving the school with the qualifications they needed to achieve success in the world.

Nadam, who was the head master of Ahmed Shouqi Elementary School in Tripoli, Libya, performed her teaching duties in a logical and comprehensive manner. For instance, he was a professional in every way. He had turned herself into one of the best head masters in the country. He was hardworking, considerate, and optimistic about life. During the mid-eighties our government had changed the education system. What this meant that Nadam the head master had to become an active participant as a military officer. He was called master officer. However, soon after Nadam left the elementary school, the school changed from one of the best in my country into the worst one.

From the mid-eighties until the explosion of the 2011 Libyan revolution, the school had a dreadful reputation. Teachers did not want to work there and parents did not want to send their children there anymore. The school had valueless teachers, helpless staff, useless subjects, boring syllabi, and uncomfortable classes. Students were leaving the school without the qualifications they need. How could they learn anything if there was chaos in the classroom? The pupils clearly did not want to go there. It was a failing school, and a school failing the community. Now after the revolution, students do not need to study abroad or good facilities, but need to learn with some hope. As well, they need to come in contact with other ways of thinking. What’s more, they are trying to rid of corruption, and trying to escape from the darkness.

What I have learned as a child and now carry as a man is that personal leadership style and the guidance and empathy I received from the prophet Muhammad and former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela has kept me strong. There are good people in the world; yet, it imperative that we understand that they can easily be transformed into something or someone unknown to us all; especially, if we do not have faith in ourselves or what we believe is moral judgment. For instance, the head master, Nadam had faith in the Ahmed Shouqi Elementary School; but he also believed in Tripoli, Libya, her country of birth.

Losing our father is very hard for my family

On September 9, 1997, I lost my father in a car accident when he was coming back from my grandparent’s house. Losing my father was very hard for me, as well as for my brothers and sisters. He meant the world to me. Even though his job was demanding he always found time to be with me and with my family. We were a close knit family. My father was strict, but a good leader and always encouraging and generous. I learned a lot from my father.

My father, through example, taught me how to be kind and generous with other people who need my help. My father would frequently visit my grandparents, aunts and uncles, and family friends to provide them with emotional and financial support. In addition, my father would help those who were less fortunate and could not afford medicine, food, and clothes for their children. By observing my father’s kindness and generosity, I learned the importance of helping those in need. I now carry on his legacy of helping others, which I believe makes him proud of me.

My father also encouraged me to study hard in school. He was involved in my academic progress because he wanted me to succeed. In particular, my father helped me prepare for my final exams. He was good in math and wanted me to excel in this subject. He would also provide tutors for my other subjects if I felt I needed help. Sadly, my father passed away before I graduated from high school, but his encouragement motivated me to graduate with honors even though his death was devastating for me. The work ethic my father taught me continues to help me succeed in my career.

The leadership skills my father taught have also been beneficial. Since my father’s passing I have had to take responsibility for my family. My brothers and sisters look to me to make important decisions about my family’s business. I have also taken a leadership role in making sure my mother receives the best care for her diabetes. Sometimes this requires traveling to Tunisia to get proper medical care. When my mother was injured in the same car accident that killed my father, I also traveled to Italy to be by her side while she was being treated for her injuries. My brothers and sisters also look to me for advice in their own lives.

The death of my father has changed my life forever. I am thankful for the times we shared and will never forget what he taught me. I will continue to be kind and generous, as well as succeed in my career and look after my family. I believe this is what my father would have wanted me to do. He continues to be with me and my family in spirit. We will never forget him, he meant the world to me and to my family.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson, like all African leaders who are committing their precious time in order to bring a better world, shall live forever and their spirit will be with us forever. Long live our presidents. Nelson Mandela, also known as Madiba and “the Father of the Nation,” was the 11th president of South Africa, holding office from 1994 to 1999. He was the first person of black color to gain this position, and his was the first democratic election for the country. His rise to office is even more significant considering that it came after a 27-year imprisonment for treason. Largely credited as having ended apartheid in this region, he is internationally recognized as a leader of economic and social reforms and has received hundreds of significant awards, including the Nobel Peace Prize.

I Hope My Workmate Comes Back

Ali was in his thirties and lived in Tripoli in Libya. He has worked for an oil company. Oil is the only export source in my country, which makes it so important. He has been working for that company since 2003. When he first heard that the company sent him a letter of acceptance, he was so excited because that was his first time to work in such a big company.

His intention was to be very creative and tried to do his best to take this company forward and improve the way they work. His first day at the company he was extremely happy and very friendly when he met the employees; they were older than him, that’s why he tried to show them his respect. He was joking and doing his best to be closer to them.

Things started to turn over when he realized that the employees he was working with were not what he expected and were not interacting with him. He could not imagine such a huge company employing people with messy minds. As he knew, any work has a job description but he was shocked when he realized that this big company had no job description, so he was sitting at his desk doing nothing the whole day and when he asked his supervisor for any job he replied “Go and try to find anything to do”, since that answer Ali was another person.

Every day he went to work. He asked himself a single question “How I should deal with these people who I work with?” The next day he asked one of his colleagues to show him what exactly he did his work, he looked at him with sparkling eyes as he was his enemy and replied “I am not the one who is responsible to teach you”. At that moment he felt sorry and depressed to hear such an answer.

As Ali personality, he is friendly and easy going and he likes to be funny with people. Ali tried to joke with one of the staff in some way, but coworker’s reaction to Ali was not what he expected. The employee was so mad at him and he started to shout and said bad things to Ali which hurt his sensitive feelings.

One day Ali entered the office looking for someone without saying “Hi” impolitely unexpectedly one of the staff inside jumped and shouted loudly and started to say bad things. This made Ali out of his mind and he lost his control. That day he went to a psychological doctor, who gave him some tablets to calm down. After that day things got worse. He started to have troubles also with his bosses even if he worked hard and tried to do whatever they asked him, but instead of thanking him they said “you are lazy and not working”. He tried his best to satisfy everyone in the company but with no success.

He became lonely, and tried to avoid everyone in the company to stay calm. In 2009 Ali met an employee who works at the same department and just came back from a business trip. At first Ali didn’t respect him and tried to avoid him because of his previous experience with the other employees, but the employee who just came from the business trip was so friendly with Ali, who found the employee wanted to be closer to him. Ali refused him many times but he didn’t give up.

As the time passed, Ali started to know him better. He was so good with all people and so patient with them, and he knew how to deal with all personalities. Ali listens to him and to his advice. Ali was helped keep the mind more towards the lighted. From that time Ali feels himself changing to his normal life.

I Hope My Staff Come Back

I used to work in Al-kabier hotel from 1998 to 2000. Al-kabier hotel, which is five stars, is the biggest one in my country. This hotel had a good reputation in my country. I worked in Al-kabier, in the finance department.

The hotel and finance department were working in a new way. Then things changed; hotel general manager, who did not understand with my supervisor, who was the president of the finance department. My boss moved to other work. As well, my colleague who was the hardware engineer moved to another hotel.

I worked on my own in the department of finance a year. The hotel’s general manager appointed four new employees: three men and one woman. And I had upgraded to head of the finance department. Although one of the staff had bad manners, I did my job in a logical and cooperative manner with my staff. We were a team.

I was an optimistic person and I was joking and doing my best to be closer to my staff. But all of the staff was in the darkness, because they do their best in front of me but unless I was in our office they did nothing.

The general manager of the hotel and director of financial management needed me to do some illegal work. Of course I refused that. From that day, I was in the black list. After that my staff was doing what the general manager asked, because they were afraid of him except one of the staff who had bad manners.

I asked myself a single question: “How should I deal with these people who I work with?” I could not find any answer. Then I decided to leave the hotel. A few months later, I left the hotel because I was not happy.

After that, all the staff of the finance department had been transferred to another department by decision of the general manager of the hotel, because they were not doing their work. All the staff of the finance need strong Leader with the high performance doing, thinking, and seeing who see clearly to help them see and think.


People from different countries today do not have trust in their leaderships. In my opinion, leaders like Muhammad and former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, are required in today’s society, for peace, leadership, and guidance, to aid people in developing a philosophy that will help them to think clearly and very deeply; especially, when it comes War and suffering. We need high performance leaders who are able to instill value into the hearts of people. Once we create strong leaders, we have to refrain from all of the negatives in life, and use philosophical approaches and techniques that work. People need some hope to believe in themselves and who they are. Hope may lead them out of the darkness into the light, and then they can take action to support their endeavors to achieve prosperity in life. That is what leadership is about. Good leaderships keep the mind more towards the lighted. Although people are from different countries and culture, culture and habits are strong and full of different values.

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