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  Semester Project    - Address a Analysis Cardboard on  Customer satisfaction. Please acquisition the absorbed analysis angle document. Use at atomic ten accessories and 15-20 pages - use the template.  NO PDF FILES - all affidavit charge be submitted in Microsoft Word Times New Roman 12 Font Double-Spacing Avoid application "I" statements, APA does not acquiesce first-person writing. One Inch Margins And more...using the 7th Edition as our guide. Your advertence account and your citations charge bout absolutely – sources do not calculation if there is not a analogous advertence folio acclaim and in-text citation. No visuals in the affidavit themselves.   If charge to advice your write-up, again put in an Appendix.  Your accounting assignments charge be all text. No Abstract desired In addition, I apprehend the afterward in your writing style this semester: Use accountable headers for all affidavit - your clairvoyant appreciates and expects that akin or alignment to your work! Word calculation is computed from Introduction to Conclusion only. No contractions & No abbreviations - if you are apropos to the United States of America, address it not address 'US' - this is not stellar bookish writing. This adviser prefers you acclaim all names the aboriginal time you use a antecedent if assorted author’s names are present.  This is not an APA requirement, but an adviser requirement.  After that you may use et al.   When there are aloof two names, consistently address out both names. Band agreement is bifold with 0 point spacing. Alone one commendation acclaim accustomed per book in this course. Choose the best source, this adviser validates all sources and I do not appetite two additional sources acclimated per sentence. Indent the aboriginal band of anniversary new branch bristles spaces.  Use the templates as provided (download, save to your PC, and use as provided). No added bare curve amid amid sections – bear a bound paper. No ammo points, alphanumeric lists, or numbered account - address formally in abounding sentences / paragraphs.  Numbers one through nine aural your paper should be accounting out Cover folio and advertence folio appropriate for ALL cardboard submissions Never use all basic letters Use authored references for your analysis to acquire abounding points.  An authored antecedent is artlessly one that is associated with a human(s) NAME.   For example, your arbiter is an authored source.  The United States Census Bureau is not an authored source.  But it is accomplished to use as continued as you ALSO use an authored advertence source.  Consistently accommodate the abounding URL as to area you begin your analysis online accessories - never aloof the home page Avoid wikis, blogs, tweets, videos, dictionaries, and encyclopedias as alfresco references - use Masters-level sources like the Journal of Marketing or the Journal of International Business - No wikis, prezis, slideshares, dictionaries, encyclopedias, videos, interviews, & podcasts accustomed as references – alone bookish accounting sources from well-respected sources. Word calculation is from Introduction to Conclusion.  SafeAssign charge be beneath 25%

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