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Juan David Vivas Professor Holt ENC – 1102 Honors English Final Research Cardboard La ficcion y la realidad en Seva "Seva: History of the aboriginal U. S. aggression of the island of Puerto Rico that took abode in May 1898," is a adventure accounting by Dr. Luis Lopez Nieves that defies the boundaries of accuracy and fiction. This adventure was appear on December 23, 1983 in the supplement of the bi-weekly “Red Clarity”. A adventure that was able to leave a bequest behind. This bequest created an atmosphere of questions and answers amid the bodies in the island. The abashing that puertorricans acquainted over the words they were account were acquired by a simple proofreading error, arose abundant abashing breadth bodies were atrocious for answers, and the accomplishment of how Seva was accounting fabricated it absurd to be questioned. Before I abide on allegorical about this abominable story, it is important that I accompaniment several actual facts in adjustment to acquire the authors abounding accreditation and access a bigger butt of the story. Luis Lopez Nieves was built-in on January 17, 1950 in Washington, DC, from Puerto Rican parents. As aboriginal as seven years old he abashed to the basic of Puerto Rico and at fifteen years of age began his studies at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus. The best comfortable university to abstraction at that time. During his additional year he was in Greenwich Village, an aesthetic and bohemian adjacency of New York (Ciudsv. com/Datos). At twenty years of age he alternate to the University of Puerto Rico and in 1973 accelerating with a amount in accepted studies with concentrations in Comparative Literature and Hipic Studies. Then he abashed to the University of New York at Stony Brook, breadth he began his Master's amount in Hipic Studies with a admission from the Ford Foundation. In 1980 he accustomed a doctorate in Philosophy specializing in Comparative Literature and sets a antecedent by actuality the aboriginal apprentice to bear a atypical as a doctoral thesis: The Prince Alexander boundless happiness. Lopez Nieves is the columnist of the novels The Silence of Galileo, appear in June 2009 and The affection of Voltaire, appear in December 2005 (Ciudsv. om/Datos). This biographer is additionally accepted for his accomplished assignment as a cheat with his books of abbreviate belief advantaged The absolute afterlife of Juan Ponce de Leon, appear in April 2000, Writing for Rafa, appear in 1987 and Seva. The anniversary this adventure was published, the bodies of Puerto Rico were abashed to apprentice that the aboriginal U. S. aggression of Puerto Rico did not action July 25, 1898 by the boondocks of Guanica but that it happened on May 5th on the bank of the apple that no best exists declared Seva (Ciudsv. com/Datos). That day, the 2,000 troops of Accepted Nelson Miles was ambushed by 721 affectionate “savaenos” that resisted the American advance on the island and assuredly defeated the troops of Accepted Miles. Actually it was not a celebrated achievement but a abundant arcane ballsy accounting by Luis Lopez Nieves (Ciudsv. com/Libros). A description that seemed to be absent on the appear adventure of Seva in the bi-weekly Clarity acquired abundant altercation in Puerto Rico back bodies were addled to acquire the contest occurred were true. The acknowledgment was able but confused. A agonizing admixture of joy, acrimony and pain. Joy because assuredly the old hated allegory was destroyed of the declared acquiescence of puertorricans, their collapsed declared commitment to the conquerors. At last, afterwards abounding years of actual ignorance, puertorricans began to apprentice a few episodes of their accurate and ballsy epic. Acrimony because such a abandoned act as the annihilation of Seva, and the absolute abolishment of the bodies by the invaders, with acceptable acumen (Ciudsv. com/Libros). Affliction because the bodies added adventuresome than ever, ballsy alike Lares, lay murdered, active and abandoned beneath the planes, barrio and nuclear missiles of the argosy abject at Roosevelt Roads. After the Seva news, letters were accepted that in Naguabo, Ceiba, Guayanilla, Rio Piedras, San Sebastian and several committees were organized aural hours. The aboriginal board was advised to acquisition Don Ignacio Martinez, the alone survivor of the annihilation of Seva: "My activity has afflicted always because aftermost January 17 afterwards 14 months of analytic disheartened, I assuredly activate the child-without-ear-left: Don Ignacio Martinez. Back the Annihilation of Seva was 9 years old (and not 7 as I had estimated) and now has 92, but looks abundant younger. (Seva, 45)  Another board was organized to dig in the Roosevelt Roads argosy abject at any amount until they activate the charcoal of Seva, "The Bodies Martyr". In accession to the committees, a arresting analyst met with the governor of Puerto Rico, Carlos Romero Barcelo, and accepted an analysis to accord the abode of Dr. Victor Cabanas. The Governor, accustomed the facts, he was answerable to abstraction the events. This acknowledgment from readers and patriots is admirable, but there was a problem: Seva is a story, the aftereffect of a abysmal annoyance with Luis Lopez Nieves history of Puerto Rico (Ciudsv. om/Datos). The bi-weekly Clarity, abashed by the contest acquired by the adventure he was answerable to broadcast an apology: "The argument Seva: History of the aboriginal U. S. aggression of the island of Puerto Rico took abode in May 1898, appear in the aftermost copy of In Red, is a story. The aforementioned has acquired shock and anxiety in genitalia of the country because it suggests a above actual discovery. While some apprehend the argument as a story, it seems that best of our readers anticipation it was a amazing actual article, the artefact of a absolute analysis and risky. But this is a adventure and annihilation abroad but a adventure that became the artefact of acuteness and the aggregate of arcane assets of its author, Luis Lopez Nieves. " The immense altercation that acquired Seva took the complete artlessness of aloof “another” cavalcade in the bi-weekly to acquire actual government action to acquisition answers. It rose over the accomplished adventure that threatens to booty allegorical proportions. In sectors of intellectual, artistic, and bookish ability of the country there was addition affair this week. At parties, businesses, libraries and homes always arose gatherings and discussions on the Annihilation of Seva. Attitudes appear the adventure activate in the bliss ("Seva is a ambulatory cry," says Ferdinand Quintana, Guayanilla musician). Several crosses appeared in advanced of the Roosevelt Roads argosy abject with the inscription: "Seva Lives! "(Seviv. com/criticas). The “Capitolio Account Agency” (The white abode of Puerto Rico) assigned the anchorman Jennifer Wolfe to biking anon to Washington with the ambition of interviewing Peggy Ann Miles, the granddaughter of Accepted Nelson Miles that accustomed Dr. Victor Cabins with "biscuits, tea and actual affable words", a being that does not abide (Ciudsv. om/Datos). The artist Jose Manuel Torres Santiago accepted that afterward the description of the annual Clarity to the aftereffect that Seva was a story, abounding in Guayanilla and San Sebastian protested and banned to acquire it was said again that Seva Editorial absoluteness and fiction. Abounding banned to acquire that Seva was a adventure and chose to break with the adaptation of Luis Lopez Nieves. A arresting nationalist claims to apperceive a veterinarian who, in turn, had an uncle who batten of Seva. "Its Ceiba," the vet told his uncle. "No," he replied, "I do not allege of Ceiba but of Seva". This nationalist seemed actual anxious and said that Seva is a reality. He resists, moreover, to acquire that Don Ignacio Martinez is a apocryphal article created by Luis Lopez Nieves (Seva, p. 58). Fortunately, in the aforementioned way that bodies were amiss or did not acquire the banter of Lopez Nieves, there were bodies who understood. A acclaimed guayanillense wrote the afterward agenda with the absolute acceptation of the story: "Seva is for me a absoluteness of all Puerto Ricans, behindhand of political positions, that could appear or has happened in our boondocks that is still adversity the aforementioned affection of the past. But as continued as men bent as Seva, Puerto Rico will acquire a close hope, of all Puerto Ricans who acquire in the ethics that the country agency for everyone. Although they do not deserve to acquire allowances and appear to ache for what they acquire not becoming or deserved. But we are all too ‘Ay Bendito’ that we absolve him. " (January 9, 1984, Jose Eugenio Rivera Castagnet) The busy and able-bodied abundant of the ambience in Seva presented the adventure so able-bodied that it was acutely difficult to actuate actuality from fiction. For the aboriginal time an columnist was able to booty a adventure that was not accurate but because of actual events, it seemed as if it had happened absolutely as declared (Seviv. com/critocas). This assignment is extraordinary. This cardboard appear by Luis Lopez Nieves is a hit. It is an allurement to burrow into the history of Puerto Rico, for Seva is not far from the truth. Amid the readers of Clarity are apparently the best sophisticated, bigger abreast and added analytical of the island: advisers and university students, boxes on the left, lawyers, activity leaders, and professionals (Ciudsv. om/Libros). The columnist capital to allotment with the bodies the accuracy that acceptable fiction reveals: the accuracy about puertorricans. That is, it looks like bodies get an actual faculty of bellicism to see how a boondocks was asleep from history. Puerto Rican’s apperceive the abuses that the American bodies rushed adjoin Puerto Rico, the botheration is that they balloon or are accustomed a dark eye back they accord their coupons, apartment and entertainment, amid alternative things. They anticipate that to bathe adjoin the accepted is absolute and to bathe forth is analytical and calumniating for the body and freedom. So they are ambivalent and acquire a affairs like if annihilation is accident about them (Ciudsv. com/Datos). We acquisition absoluteness adamantine to acquire and accept. The fiction on the alternative duke can calmly be taken as true. How abroad can one explain that a publicity achievement by the columnist of Seva: The Accurate Adventure of the American aggression in 1898 has acquired such a stir, mostly clarifications and explanations from the breadth declared the country's intelligence? Works Cited Lopez Nieves, Luis. Seva: Historia de la primera aggression norteamericana de la isla de Puerto Rico ocurrida en mayo de 1898. ra ed. Bogota, Colombia: Editorial Norma 2006 "Puerto Rico: Cementerio de la acrobacia", revista Borinquen Grafico "? Seva Vive? ". Site Oficial De Seva Vive. N. p. , n. d. Web. 25 June 2012. <http://www. sevavive. com/la-critica-y-los-medios> "Datos Personales Y BiogrA? ficos - Luis Lopez Nieves - Ciudad Seva. " Datos Personales Y BiogrA? ficos. N. p. , n. d. Web. 25 June 2012. <http://ciudadseva. com/datos/index. htm>. Seva - Luis Lopez Nieves. " Seva. N. p. , n. d. Web. 25 June 2012. ;http://ciudadseva. com/libros/seva. htm;.

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