Research Paper – Information Governance

Important Note: Please abode this affair on   Impact of Health Advice Technology on Patient. Since this is my final topic.Attaching the introduction, Literature review, and annotated bibliography  which I submitted Please apprehend beneath claim absolutely and abode 6 or added pages. You accept afresh been assassin as a Chief Advice Babyminding Officer (CIGO) at a ample aggregation (You may accept your industry).  This is a anew created position and administering aural the alignment that was founded on the charge to alike all areas of the business and to accommodate babyminding of the information.  You will charge to appoint for all positions aural your new department. The aggregation has been in business for added than 50 years and in this time has calm all-inclusive amounts of data.  Much of this abstracts has been stored in adamantine archetype architecture in filing cabinets at an offsite area but in contempo times, calm business abstracts is in cyberbanking architecture stored in book shares.  Customer abstracts is actuality stored in a relational database, but the abridgement of administering has acquired abstracts candor issues such as duplication.  There are currently no behavior in abode to abode the administration of data, business or customer. The aggregation additionally desires to advantage the business ability of amusing media, but has no ability of the types of behavior or acknowledged issues they would charge to consider. You will additionally charge to adduce accordant metrics that should be calm to ensure that the advice babyminding affairs is effective. The CEO and Board of Directors accept tasked you to advance a angle (paper) that will accord them the ability bare to accomplish abreast decisions on an enterprise-wide Advice Babyminding program, acclamation (at a minimum) all of these issues, for the company.   Requirements: The cardboard should accommodate at a minimum of the afterward sections: a. Title page b. Executive Summary (Abstract) C. Program and technology recommendations, including: 1. Metrics 2. Data that affairs to the admiral in that industry, the roles for those executives, and some methods for accepting this abstracts into their hands. 3. Regulatory, security, and aloofness acquiescence expectations for your company 4. Email and amusing media strategy 5. Cloud Computing strategy d. Conclusion

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