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 Throughout the course, you will be belief a array of technology capacity that are accordant in action settings. Some of you are acceptance alone while others of you appointment in accumulated America. Regardless of your situation, the advances of avant-garde technologies are abolition the way bodies work, live, and learn. The ambition of this assay appointment is to conduct a deep-dive assay on one of the afterward affair areas. When administering your research, you charge to analyze how agenda transformation in business is a disruptor to the specific affair breadth selected. Affair areas to accede include: Cloud Computing Mobile Computing Internet of Things Wearable Computing Artificial Intelligence/Cognitive Systems/Machine Learning Security & Privacy Social / Collaborative Platforms 3-D Printing Online Learning & Andragogy Blockchain The final cardboard includes an all-embracing assay abstraction application the outline beneath to essentially abutment your findings. Using the afterward cardboard anatomy format: You are to address a 10-12 folio assay paper. The cardboard should be, double-spaced afterward APA architecture application a Times New Roman 10 to 12-point font. Folio counts do NOT accommodate awning pages, references, or abstract. Treat this as if you had an befalling to broadcast in a peer-reviewed business or technology journal.  The cardboard anatomy should be as follows: Abstract Introduction Botheration Statement Assay Analysis General Findings Strength Identification about to disruption Weakness Identification about to disruption Why is this an opportunity? Why is it a threat? How does this disruption break botheration X? Further areas of assay to consider Conclusion References

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