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   This cardboard will be based on a affair called from a pre-approved account provided by the instructor. After selecting a topic, you will analysis and address a 5 folio cardboard (not including the awning folio and commendation page) in APA format.  You will baddest a affair from the afterward list:  -Traditional vs. Electronic Training  Methods: Advantages and Disadvantages -Training the Multi-Generational Workforce:  Understanding Different Needs and Learning Styles -Resistance to Learning – Common Challenges Encountered by HR Professionals and How to Overcome Them -Exploring the Opportunities &  Challenges of Training a Multi-Cultural Workforce -The Impact of Training and Development on Employee Satisfaction, Retention, and Productivity -Employee Training: Outsourcing vs. In-House – Exploring the Pros and Cons Please agenda the awning folio and advertence pages are not advised allotment of the 5 folio requirement.  You are appropriate to use at atomic 5 bookish sources (this can accommodate your textbook). 

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