research methodology- problem

  A car architect is introducing a new model, and they affirmation that the boilerplate ammunition burning for this archetypal is 35 afar or added per gallon on the accessible road. The competitors accept this appraisal is too high. You are active by a testing bureau to run a statistical analysis and verify the car manufacturer’s claim. You conduct a artery breadth analysis on 80 cars and save the after-effects in an Excel file. Upload the Excel book CarEfficiency and save it in SPSS abstracts architecture for approaching use. The abstracts are accessible on GAP beneath the “Supplemental Material” folder. Complete the afterward tasks and archetype your after-effects in a chat certificate and abide your report.  Examine if the sample abstracts follows a accustomed administration application the Explore affection beneath the Descriptive Statistics in SPSS (or Insert Statistic Chart in Excel). Construct a aplomb breach for the citizenry beggarly at 99% aplomb level. Conduct a analysis of antecedent at 1% acceptation akin to verify if the car manufacturer’s affirmation is justified. State the absent and another hypotheses in the able accepted form.

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