Research methodology activity-problem

  Submit your acknowledgment in an MS Word certificate afterwards inserting the after-effects from SPSS into your document. Note: If you do not accept admission to SPSS, you can do this appointment in Excel. To actuate the capability of a sleeping drug, 75 bodies were about selected; 25 were about assigned to booty the drug, 25 were about assigned to booty the placebo, and the another 25 did not accept any treatment. The time to abatement comatose afterwards activity to bed was abstinent for the three groups. The abstracts are accessible on GAP beneath the “Supplemental Material” folder. Enter the abstracts into SPSS and again acknowledgment the questions that follow.   You appetite to conduct a one-way ANOVA to appraise if there is a statistically cogent aberration at a 5% akin amid the boilerplate time to abatement comatose of the three groups. Clearly accompaniment your analysis questions and accompaniment the absent and another hypotheses in the able accepted format. Define any attribute that you use to accompaniment your hypothesis. Identify the absolute (factors) and abased variables. Report your after-effects and accompaniment your cessation apropos the hypotheses. Interpret the F and p values.  What is the real-life association of your Step 3 results? What are the assumptions of a one-way ANOVA? Do the assumptions authority for the abstracts acclimated in this exercise?

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