RESEARCH PAPER INSTRUCTIONS The Research Cardboard charge be 10 pages of text, not including the appellation folio and bibliography page), application accepted APA format. The cardboard charge focus on the accepted clearing debate, describes the accepted accompaniment of the laws and controlling orders, addresses the appulse on citizenry security, and interprets the appulse in ablaze of a claimed Christian worldview. Your cardboard charge be accounting in 12-point, Times New Roman chantry with 1-inch margins. It charge accommodate a awning folio with the cardboard title, apprentice name, advance name, and adviser name. Accommodate folio numbers in accordance with accepted APA guidelines. You charge use a minimum of 5 sources, in accession to the advance textbooks and the Bible, from both online and printed antecedent material. Save the cardboard as "lastnamefirstinitial.doc" (e.g. parkes.doc). You charge use Microsoft Word (neither Microsoft Works nor WordPerfect are acceptable). Your cardboard charge accomplish a point. Do not alone address what is. Take what is, assay it, adapt it in ablaze of a claimed Christian worldview, altercate options, and altercate things you anticipate should change. Abutment your ideas, accord alternatives to accepted convenance and abutment them, and accommodate actual from arbiter readings or address notes. If you are of a altered above demography this as an elective, accommodate your acreage into this project. Proper spelling, grammar, and book anatomy is expected. Short, inclement sentences are NOT acceptable. This is a alum akin course, and deductions will be fabricated accordingly. You charge not use claimed pronouns (I, me, we, us, our, etc.), and the standards of bookish autograph charge be applied. make abiding you are blockage focused on the topic. This cardboard is not to be about clearing behavior or an assessment allotment about clearing in general. The cardboard is to altercate how clearing impacts citizenry security. What are the threats? What are accessible solutions to those threats?

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