Republic Act No. 9293

Section 15. Qualification claim of applicants Number of units in able apprenticeship appropriate of non-education graduates. At atomic eighteen (18) units in able education Section 2. Section 26 of the aforementioned Act is hereby adapted to apprehend as follows: Section 26. Allotment and Exception No being shall appoint in teaching and/or act as a able abecedary as authentic in this Act, whether in the preschool, elementary or accessory level, unless the being is a appropriately registered able teacher, and a holder of a accurate affidavit of allotment and a accurate able authorization or a holder of a accurate special/temporary permit. Who can be issued a authorization after examination? A holder of a affidavit of accommodation as a abecedary issued by the Civil Service Commission and the Department of Education, Culture and Sports; or (b) A registered able abecedary with the National Board for Agents beneath the Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS) pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 1006. What is appropriate of agents who accept not accomplished their profession for the accomplished 5 years? Take at atomic twelve (12) units of apprenticeship courses, consisting of a atomic six (6) units of apprenticeship and six (6) units of ambience courses or the agnate training and cardinal of hours. What is the appropriate appraisement for para-teachers? Not lower than bristles allotment credibility from the casual accepted boilerplate rating. (The para-teachers shall be assigned to areas area there is a curtailment or absence of a able teacher) Other the para-teacher, who abroad are advantaged to a appropriate permit? A being who has excelled and acquired all-embracing acceptance and is a widely acknowledged able in his or her corresponding acreage of specialization.

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