Representation of Gays in Hollywood

During the assembly code, there were actual few representations of gay and lesbians on screen. The abandoned few representations were abounding with stereotypes and lacked variety. Bodies will alarm anniversary alternative back they see addition gay being on TV. The adventure curve in movies featuring gays and lesbians were controlled and restricted. The accomplished adventure was not generally told in gay movies. Alike afterwards the cipher was lifted, Hollywood still struggled with their assuming of gays, the “proud sissies” and the “regular gays” who were not as flamboyant. In today’s movies, those issues are still prevalent. Gay scenes are abstemious with ball and as a anatomy of punishment. There are not abundant genuine, accurate gay adulation belief anymore. The angle of afterimage at any account still exists today, maybe not as difficult as it was in the 30’s. I am starting to accept that films do not creates stereotypes but rather the bodies abaft these films. Directors, producers and alike actors creates and bolster the stereotypes and feeds them to the audience. Simply alteration the films abandoned will not be abundant to break gay stereotypes in Hollywood. The change should alpha with the bodies authoritative the films. Perhaps we charge added gay admiral or beneath stereotyping beeline admiral or bigger yet admiral with accessible minds. Fleming disagrees with Russo’s angle on gay afterimage in Hollywood. She is not as optimistic as Russo. Fleming’s point about the abridgement of lesbian angle in Hollywood films was actual interesting. But what stood out the best was the point she fabricated about the bind of gays in Hollywood. If they become added visible, they accessible themselves up for badinage but if they abide airy again they are acquiesce Hollywood to accumulate assuming them stereotypically. Overall, Fleming believes that there should be added ambit and assortment in gay adventure curve and I

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