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Time-series abstracts is collected, on a subject, over a arrangement of time periods. For this HW appointment , it is affected the abstracts are aggregate over one accurate breach of time (for instance: weekly, daily, monthly, annual etc … and no assorted aggregate of these accurate intervals is considered) The ambition , back allegory a time-series, is to aftermath predictions (forecast) of the altitude taken on the accountable at some approaching time interval.  There are abounding approaches to breeding a anticipation back administering time-series analyses.  However, in this HW assignment, you will analyze some of the congenital in appearance accessible in Excel that can be acclimated for time-series investigations.   We’ll accept that accomplished patterns that may be present in the time-series abstracts that you are assigned abide into the future.  For this week’s activity, you’ll use your assigned time-series dataset. Directions 1)  Open the HW Dataset.  Examine the aboriginal row and based on the aboriginal letter of your aftermost name, analyze the timeseries abstracts you are to use back commutual this assignment. 2)     Review and Use the Time Alternation Excel Practice workbook, acquaint to Moodle, as your adviser to investigate this time-series data.  Apply all the accomplish as defined in the workbook and acknowledge to anniversary catechism or prompt. Submit and Architecture all tables and archive to chic expectations to abstain formatting point loss.  See Exemplars and chic addendum acquaint to Moodle. 3)     Post your after-effects to Moodle in PDF format.  Your writeup should accommodate anniversary alert presented in the Time-series Excel Practice workbook, the cardinal of the prompt, your responses to the prompts, and all generated archive and tables.  Archive and tables are accepted to be formatted to chic expectations (see Exemplar). DO NOT SUBMIT the EXCEL time alternation abstracts set

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