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The purpose of this appointment is to conduct a array of self-assessments to apprentice added about yourself and analyze your assets and weaknesses as a leader. This will abetment you in advertent how you can advance your own self-leadership skills. To begin, analyze the acquainted commercialism assets provided and conduct added assay on the assumption of acquainted leadership.  You will additionally advance the abstracts aggregate from the afterward self-assessments provided in the affair Resources: "The VARK Questionnaire" "Cultural Competency Self-Assessment" "Rokeach Ethics Survey" Write a absorption of 1,000-1,250 words in which you altercate the following: Explain the characteristics of acquainted administration as authentic by Mackey and Sisodia. Provide citations to strengthen your claims. Choose two actual administration theories and explain their access on the acreage of authoritative behavior. Provide citations to strengthen your claims. Describe the accent of self-awareness, self-concept, and affecting intelligence and the role they comedy in enabling able acquainted administration and able self-leadership. Provide citations to strengthen your claims. Briefly abridge the after-effects of anniversary appraisal you completed: "The VARK Questionnaire," "Cultural Competency Self-Assessment," and "Rokeach Ethics Survey," provided in the affair Resources. In general, do you accept the after-effects represent who you are as a leader? How will the after-effects affect you to be a acquainted leader? Explain. Briefly, conduct a self-reflection in which you acknowledgment the afterward questions: (a) What insights accept you acquired about yourself afterwards demography the assessments? (b) How could this adeptness access your values, attitude against others, and how you access new tasks in the workplace? (c) What accept you abstruse about what it takes to advance others or how you acknowledge to the administration approach of others aural the workplace? (d) What accept you abstruse about your adeptness to advance others aural the workplace? Explain the amount of allegory authoritative behavior from the individual, group, and authoritative perspective. How do your self-assessment after-effects accord to this? Provide citations to strengthen your claims. Use a minimum of four bookish sources to abutment your assay and reflection. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyWMffZbCF8 https://vark-learn.com/the-vark-questionnaire/

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