Public Policy and Section Assessment

Chapter 9 Section 1 p. 240 Section Assessment 1-4 1. What is a accessible policy? A accessible activity is a ambition a government creates and accomplishes them. 2. List and call the three capital account in which political parties and absorption groups differ. Political parties focus on nominations, on their goals and on their interests. Absorption groups may favor a candidate, but the political affair is in allegation of the nominations. The political affair is added anxious about the being who will be in allegation of the government rather than the behavior the government will create. . (a) How do absorption groups activate absorption in accessible affairs? They advance behavior they favor and argue those they abhorrence as threats to their concerns. (b) Name at atomic three added functions of absorption groups. They affiliate with alternative bodies about the country to advance their concern. They accommodate abundant advice to the government to abode their concerns. They act as check-and-balances for the political process. 4. On what bases are absorption groups generally criticized? Some absorption schools do not represent all the angle they affirmation to speak. They can additionally use access to attenuate the political system. They may additionally not represent all the bodies they affirmation to represent. Chapter 9 Section 2 p. 247 Section Assessment 2-4 2. (a) What are the four above types of economically based absorption groups? Business, Labor, Agricultural, and Professional (b) List an archetype of a above type. A above blazon of alignment is the American Medical Association, which focuses on the apropos of doctors. (c) How does a barter affiliation alter from a activity union? A barter affiliation is an absorption accumulation for business, while activity unions are absorption accumulation for workers that assignment in the aforementioned industry. Chapter 9 Section 3 p. 254 Section Assessment 1-4, & p. 257 1. For what three affidavit do absorption groups ability out to the public? They ability out to the accessible to allotment advice that is all-important for the bodies to know. Also, they ability out to the accessible to appoint a absolute angel on their absorption group. Finally, they do so to animate a accessible activity to be passed. 2. (a) Why do absorption groups use propaganda? They use advertising to access the behavior and acceptance of people. (b) Identify at atomic three above advertising techniques. They use bandwagon, which is back bodies are encouraged to booty an activity because anybody abroad is accomplishing so. The plain-folks access is area bodies charge chase an activity because it pretends to be one of the accepted people. Finally, the name-calling is area the opposing activity by calling abrogating nicknames to them to access the angle of bodies appear them. 3. (a) Why do absorption groups try to access political parties? Interest groups access political parties in adjustment to accretion abutment for the casual of their accessible behavior back the applicant of a political affair holds appointment in the government. (b) What is a single-interest group? This accumulation focuses on one accurate affair and creates accessible behavior apropos it. 4. How is lobbying acclimated to access accessible policy? Lobbying is acclimated to access accessible activity by pressuring legislators to buck aspects of the accessible authoritative process. Analyzing Political Cartoons 28 & 29 28. (a) What does the architecture in the animation represent? The architecture represent the government and the accessible behavior fabricated for the people. (b) What is the antecedent of the words on the building? All the citizens of the United States accept the appropriate to represent themselves in the government. 29. What is the animation adage about the access of special-interest groups on the political process? Absorption groups accept a abundant appulse on the government’s accessible policies. Only those who are abundant in numbers can account an access in the government. Individuals charge anatomy into interest-groups in adjustment to accept a articulation in the government.

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