public health project

Cardiovascular disease prevention among older adult


Definition of the health problem

Risk factors

Variation according to race/ethnicity, gender, income, education.

Statistic about the problem use national (U.S.A), state and local (county) level data to show the significant of the problem. (you can use CDC, WHO, America’s health ranking, local health department).

I find that WV has the highest rate of CVD in older adult according to America’s health ranking, see the link below please but I still need help finding the county that have the highest rate of CVD and why?

2- Program goal (outcome) and objectives.

Design planning model using (PRECEDE PROCEED model) you have to include all the phases from 1 to 8 see the attached link.

you have to talk about each phase in relation to our health topic which is cardiovascular disease in older adult.

4- Program implementation plan: details about the duration of the program and the program activity, place, funding agencies.

5- Comprehensive evaluation plan: including the (process, impact, outcome evaluation).

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