Pt 1 Final Project Milestone One: Introduction, Business Requirements, and Competitors and Technology

   Guidelines for Submission: Your asperous abstract should be 3–4 pages in breadth and should chase APA formatting, including bifold spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Assignment: You assignment for Nordstrom Rack a baby brick-and-mortar business. The buyer of your business wants to focus on breeding new acquirement through e-commerce, but she knows that this change in operations requires the aggregation to accommodate new technology. To accretion an compassionate of what the business ability charge for technology, she has asked you to: Create a business systems analysis. In this analysis, you will acutely acquaint the botheration that your business is facing.   Then, you will actuate the business requirements for analytic that problem, including the requirements that any new technology needs to meet. The ambition in the activity is to authorize an e-commerce presence, but you charge advance the accepted technology first.  Use the Accommodation Cast certificate as you conduct your assay for abetment acclimation your thoughts. (You will abide the completed accommodation cast in Milestone Two.) For added assets on developing the accommodation matrix, accredit to: · Accommodation Matrix: What It Is and How to Use It: This commodity defines the accommodation cast and discusses how leaders appraise and accent all of their options back because solutions to a difficult task.  · Accommodation Cast Analysis: This commodity explains how to use a accommodation cast analysis, a advantageous abode for authoritative a best back abounding factors charge be balanced. Captioned adaptation of this ability can be begin here.  · Accommodation Cast Example: Use this ability to appearance an archetype of a completed accommodation cast (see attachment). Specifically, the afterward analytical elements charge be addressed: I. Introduction: In this section, you will briefly acquaint the baby business from the case scenario, and the botheration that it is aggravating to solve.         A. Acutely accompaniment the botheration that the business buyer is gluttonous to solve. Be     sure to abode the catechism of what your business ultimately wants to do.        B. Identify and briefly call the two technologies from the account provided that you will assay in your business systems analysis. II. Business Requirements: In this section, you will actuate what the business requirements are to break the declared problem, and authorize the belief that will advice anatomy your technology recommendations. You will additionally clear why the business buyer should undertake the activity of amalgam new technology.           A. Explain the objectives of adventure this activity to accommodate new technology. In others words, what should the activity accomplish, and how does it abutment the ambition of your business?          B. Provide a activity description that explains the purpose of the project. Be abiding to abode the following: i. What does your business charge to do to amuse the objectives? ii. What are the adapted after-effects at the end of the project? iii. Why is it important for your business buyer to accede implementing new technology?         C. Accompaniment the key abstruse requirements that will be adapted of any new technology in adjustment to finer break your business’s problem. In alternative words, what accurately does the technology charge to be able of doing? (These are the technology requirements in the accommodation matrix.)  III. Competitors and Technology: In this section, you will call two aggressive companies that accomplish in the aforementioned industry as your business. You will additionally explain how a aggregation uses the two technologies that you are investigating to actuate if the technology may be adapted for your business to use. Remember that a account of aggressive companies was provided to you in the final activity case scenario.             A. Technology One: Select one aggregation in the aforementioned industry as your own that uses this technology. Briefly call what that aggregation does and how it uses this technology to abutment its business in general. Include specific examples.             B. Technology Two: Select one aggregation in the aforementioned industry as your own that uses this technology. Briefly call what that aggregation does and how it uses this technology to abutment its business in general. Include specific examples.            C. Referring to what you abstruse in your assay on the companies above, explain one specific way in which one of the companies is benefitting from technology, and call the abeyant account to your business if you were to accept the aforementioned approach.

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