Psychology final assignment test

When Elizabeth was 4 years old, she had a near-drowning adventure that resulted in a cogent academician injury.Now Elizabeth is a 15 years old aerial academy student. Elizabeth enjoys academy but generally struggles to accept instructions accustomed to her by agents and has adversity apperception for continued periods. Elizabeth dreams of acceptable an extra and would like to go to acting school, but her parents are afraid about her affairs back she would accept to move on her own to appear school.  Questions:  1. what blazon of affliction does Elizabeth demonstrates? 2.Explain the characteristics of this anatomy of disability. 3. What blazon of interventions should Elizabeth be accepting in her school? 4. as abecedary or analyst , how would you accord with Elizabeth and her parents? 5. What would be your recommendations? Instructions:  Answer the questions one by one. The 5 answers charge be typed beneath by beat on the account to address your answers. It charge be in your own words as if you were talking to the parents of Elizabeth.

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