REPLY TO MY PEER DISCUSSION POST, WORD COUNT : 200  STUDENT NAME : ISABEL GONZALEZ  Importance of Theory       Theories act as fundations and accommodate the framework for an compassionate animal development, behavior and thought. By accepting an all-encompassing abject for compassionate you are acceptance yourself to ask about the how's and why's of accustomed and not-so-normal animal behavior. You additionally acquiesce yourself to bigger accept yourself as able-bodied as others.       The Inductive access is aback advisers activate with a set of empiric observations, focus on award patterns if there are any and again conjecture about said patterns. Of advance this bureau to aggregate abstracts that seems of appliance and accumulation them together, again acceptance yourself time to footfall aback and beam it all as a whole. From there the researcher would acquisition and focus on patterns throughout any of the abstracts at duke and beging to anatomy their theory. Advisers additionally alpha with a set of observations and again move from those observations to a added accepted set of propositons about those experiences. The action goes as shows: Gather Abstracts - Look for Patterns - Develop Theory Specific akin of focus - Analysis - Accepted akin of focus Example: "Enhancing empowerment and administration amid abandoned adolescence in bureau and association settings: A ashore access approach. Child and Adolescent Amusing Assignment Journal, 28, 1-22. analyzed empiric abstracts to bigger accept how best to accommodated the needs of adolescent bodies who are homeless. The authors analyzed dta from focus groups with 20 adolescent bodies at a abandoned shelter. From this dats]a they developed a set of recommendatios for those absorbed in activated interventions that serve abandoned youth." (Inductive or deductive? Two altered approaches. (n.d.).)      The Deductive access takes the accomplish declared beforehand and reverses their order. They alpha with a amusing access that they acquisition arresting and again analysis it's allegation with data. This bureau they assignment from a accepted akin and again move into a added specific one. Most accessory the deductive access to analysis with accurate investigation. Advisers application this access apprehend theories that already abide of whatever he or she is studying, studies what others accept already done, and again tests hypotheses that appear from those theories. This is the simplified process: Theorize/Hypothesize - Analyzie Abstracts - Hypotheses Supported or Not General akin of focus - Analysis - Specific akin of focus WC: 372 Inductive or deductive? Two altered approaches. (n.d.).

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